Baby's first haircut


I was thinking of having dd get her first haircut in the MK. Has anyone done this? Any feedback would be great! :smile:


That is an awesome idea. Make sure to save a piece of hair and take a picture. You could have it framed. Cool idea!!!



I had my hair cut on our honeymoon. I wish I had a picture taken. My DW & I always mention it as we pass by the barber shop.



From what I have read the baby gets Mickey ears that read “Baby’s first haircut” and lots of stickers (I have read some reports of being covered in stickers) and a big deal is made. I wish I had been able to have my DS’s first haircut at the barber shop–it sounds very cool.


I agree with DT, a big deal is made over baby’s first haircut! I would definitely do this if I were you.


Do they cut girls hair at the barber shop? I guess that should have been my first queation!


:mickey: :mickey: :mickey: Yes, do this! WE DID IT!

My son had hs first haircut at Disney about two years ago. There is nothing to think about, just do it. We videotaped and took lots of pictures. They have lots of toys for them to play with during the cutting time and they are so careful and patient. You get a Snip of their hair in an envelope to keep, a certificate, and a free set of mouse ears as stated above with “Baby’s first Haircut” on it. It’s just such an incredible and truly once in a lifetime opportunity you cannot pass up.

Why would they not cut girl’s hair? :huh:


Just four girls in my family so I have no experience with barbers! We always go to salons! I’m glad to hear that they cut girls hair too, we will definately go for the haircut. It sounds like a great experience!


I just did this for my son. It was awesome. We took lots of pictures. He got a Mickey mouse ears that say first haircut, a certificate and a lock of his hair for $15.00. It was so worth it. I have some pics if you are interested


It’s a must do… my sons had a great time walking around MK with red, white, and blue hair (July 4th) and “pixie dust” (sparkly mickey confetti). For my youngest, it was his first haircut and we got lots of pics. The only downside is that there are no appointments and sometimes you might wait a long time. But, it is worth it!


I am so gutted! I have never heard of this until now and I just wish we knew about it before. We had our vacation at the end of January and it was our DD’s first ever trip. I have just had her hair cut for the first time a few weeks ago but if I had known about this I would definatley have done it at the MK. You have got to go for it, sweetie. Sounds truly awesome !

A xxx


Jenbarnwell, I would love to see some pictures!


Definitely a must do!!! My dd has had a couple of haircuts already at 2 1/2 but I think I am still going to take her there for a trim just b/c it is such a fun idea!

The photos are in the album somewhere


Thank you Jen for the pictures! Your DD and DS are adorable! He looks like a good sport! Was he afraid at all for the haircut?


They do a phenomenal job on girls. DD and DS have both gotten their hair cut there on our last two trips.

HIGHLY recommended.

When DW and I were on our honeymoon many years ago, we had a Barbershop Quartet sing to us as I got my hair cut.

The Main Street Barber has a warm place in my heart.


No he wasn’t scared. Thanks I think they are adorable too…but I guess I am kind of bias. It was really neat. He was so busy playing with the stickers.


I am so happy to have found this! We are planning on being @ WDW in November and we were planning on having our DD first haircut done at the barbershop, but I wasn’t sure they would cut girls hair since it is a “barber” shop. I can’t wait now. Maybe I can get DH to get his hair cut at the same time! That would be a great pic!


Well to tell you the truth I will be getting my hair cut, for the first time in 20 years the next time we go to Disney. I made a vow to DW that if we ever went again that I would do it. I will miss my long pony tail but it will be something to remember for sure.


My DD had her first haircut there as well. It was two years ago and Billie cut her hair. They gave my daughter a certificate that says “First Haircut” and Mickey ears that say the same thing. You can take the ears and get her name added on it. They wrap a lock of the hair in a tissue and seal the tissue in Mickey stickers… She had a blast. We took lots of photos and videos.

This year DD will have her third birthday there…