Back 2 Basics 2011


We touch down at 3:50 pm, hit the Hertz counter and pulled up to All Star Movies at 5 pm. After putting the room together ( Groceries, clothes hung ), We hit the food court for a quick bite, ran thru the gift shop and darted back to the room to change into our swim attire … Sorry gang I forgot the speedo’s !!!
We sprinted over to pool and enjoyed a cool frosty beverage aka COORS LIGHT.
Our day starts tomorrow at Epcot for the Princess Breakfast…
Now enjoy this soothing lil’ water pic …


Thats awesome WALL!! Ya"ll look so happy. I LOVE this picture!!! Hope your family has a blast!!


Awesome pic!!! Your dd is growing up so fast!


That’s great… But was she surprised??? You never said! Hope you have a great week! Looks like fun already! Even better with no speedos (that goes for everyone- not just you :)! Have fun in the morning!


The smiles on your faces say it all! I hope the rest of your trip is just as magical!!


Looks like your trip is off to a great start! Have a wonderful time:)


Wonderful picture. I don’t think smiles get bigger than that.


A picture says a thousand words! Looks like you’re off to a great start.


What a sweet girl!:happy: Such a beautiful smile! Hope the Princess Breakfast is fabulous dahling! Have a terrific trip and keep sending us updates and pics!


WALL, welcome to Florida. You should have some great weather for your stay. Still have some rain in the forecast but nothing huge.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful stay!


Oh Wall, what a darling picture. The two of you couldn’t be any happier. Enjoy the magic.


Don’t worry. I’m sure Boss will bless us with a speedo pic or two from his trip. THe shock factor alone to everyone here would be right up his alley. :laugh:

DD looks happy as heck. Enjoy your trip and have a blast.


Awe~ :slight_smile:
That is an awesome start!

Guess what? I was looking at the blue mountains too at the very same time…what are the chances of that? ROFL!

Have a blast!


Great pic! All smiles! hope you have a great trip!


Great pic to start off! Can’t wait to hear about the rest!


It truly is a wonderful picture. I hope it’s a trip of a lifetime!


Have a great trip!!!


Have a great trip! You and your DD look so happy to be there!! Enjoy :slight_smile:


Teaser Post …
We are back at the room for our “Halftime break” … NOT ready for a full first full day TR, But … Have a another pic from our Princess Breakfast at Epcot(I already have over 700). Enjoy


Sorry for the late response on the suprise … I did video the event and the thing came out blurry … :ohmy: The DW did film it on her phone so I’ll try downloading it later …