Back from a great Christmas trip


Hated to leave the world. Came home to a snow storm on Sat., snowed again Sunday and now it is getting ready to snow again on Tues. I wish I could have stayed with Mickey!!! I will have a trip report coming as soon as I get a minute to set and type up a long report. So much we did for this christmas trip that we haven’t done before. i need to gather my thoughts. Happy New year to everyone!!1:laugh:


glad you had a wonderful trip! welcome home!


Welcome back. Glad you had a great time and a safe trip home. Now back to reality!!


We did pop for christmas 2006 and loved it. Take your time we want to hear all about it.


Welcome home!:happy: Can’t wait to read your trip report!


Welcome Home!!


Welcome home - rest up and be careful in all that snow! Can’t wait to hear about your trip! :smile:


Welcome home, missy. I am excited to see your trip report.


Sorry guys it is taking so long. Ended up with a head cold, an it keeps hanging on. I want to do a picture report for you so I am tryin gto figure out how to link it up. Any ideas?


Pm Soundgod or Rowdy…they will know the answer and be able to help you with that. Poor you! I hope you feel better soon. Sending you lots of Pixie dust xxxxx


Hi Missy…

First, begin your report in the “Trip Reports” section. And whenever you want to add a photo to a post, scroll down a bit on the post screen and you will see a section called “Manage Attachments” – it will let you browse through your own photo files and post any picture you want.

I can’t wait to read your report!