Back from Awesome Rainy time at P&P Party @ MK!


We are back from our Awesome Rainy night at the Pirate and Princess Party. We went to Orlando for My DDs birthdays and for Spring Break…and cause mommy needed a Disney fix. The plan was to take the girls to the BBB salon in Cinderella’s castle (@ 3pm - they let us in) then to go to dinner at Cinderella’s Royal Table (where I ordered a birthday cake to be delivered), then to head on out to the party. Can I say we had a blast even though it rained? Everywhere we went my daughters and sons (who were dressed as Pirates) were acknowledge in their roles and they did feel like pirates and princesses…so did I and Hubby as we were dressed up too. Some people without kids were dressed in various costumes and of course we got to ride all the rides without delay… That was the only day at Disney :crying: As my DH said he could only take it for 1 day…now I gotta wait til Nov. 08


More pics Inside the salon and “On to the Treasure!”


Oh my gosh that is so awesome. I am glad you had a great time. Your kids are beautiful!

More pics?



Well since you asked for more pics…

These pics they get an invitation with their name on it, chose a hairdo, sit on the thrown, and oh, this picture is of them outside of the salon.

Thanks for telling me my angels are cuties * blushing mom *


Ok, just in case you want to see what the castle bathroom looked like…here it is…


Cool! Love the bathroom pic!



I love the pics. Your kids are so cute.


Wow, looks like so much fun!! We did BBB at DTD . . . but the castle looks GREAT! :happy:


Those pictures are awesome. Your princess’ are STUNNING!


Wow - great pictures, Nita. So glad you had a great time :smile:


Your children and the photographs are absolutely gorgeous- so glad you had a magical day too.


Wow, they look beautiful! This day is already perfect!


You pics are great! Your kiddos are really cute. So glad you all had a good time despite the rain.


Great pictures. Your kids are beautiful. I love the pictures. Keep them coming.


Oh thanks! My youngest daughter really thought she was a princess, and my little guy said when we left, “Mom I love this place…I am a scurvy pirate!” … Priceless …Just so you know…there were A LOT of teenagers and mom’s at the BBB in the castle getting dolled up for the big party too… I just may plan something like this for ME and my DDs next time I have an excuse to do Disney with a Princess spin on it…


Great pictures! Looks like you had a blast in spite of the rain:)


Oh my…you make we want a girl! What fun. And your kids are beautiful!!


Oh nita! Your children are gorgeous!! Sounds like a perfect night even with the rain. Thanks for sharing it with us.


Were the moms getting glamed out too? I thought there would be an age limit?



When we were at DTD last year, we saw a young lady (early/mid 20’s) with her husband/boyfriend all dressed up as a princess. Maybe it’s us, but it just didn’t look right.