Back from Disneyland


Hi everyone!

Thought I would start my trip report!!

We just got back from Disneyland on Saturday, the 10th. We had a great time. The weather was just beautiful.

We arrived on Dec. 6th at John wayne airport, and drove the very short 15 min. drive to the Disneyland Hotel. It was around 11:00 am, so our room wasn’t ready, but they gave us our concierge card and we went up for some quick snacks. The lounge was nice, we grab some water and chips. We then headed to Disneyland. We went in through the monorail and we were very lucky to get up front with the driver, my kids were soooo excited, so was I!!!
Great way to start!!!

When we got into Disneyland, I was a bit surprised at the lines and the amount of people. I was spoiled a few years back and was hoping for the same. But with the 50th, well it was to be expected. My kids decided to do the Matterhorn first, my daughter liked it but my son didn’t like the monsters eyes. I, of course, loved it. We then went on It’s a small world, we all loved this ride, I loved the holiday lay over. Most of the other rides had about 15 to 20 min waits. Especially in Fantasy Land. We kinda stayed in tomorrow land. We HAD to do Autopia before we left to get our room, so off we went. It was about a 20 min wait. I really like this one better then Disney Worlds, Love the off road part!! I swear my daughter tries to give me whip lash LOL!!!

We noticed that more people had come in for the parade and it was getting tough to get around, so we decide to head back to the room.

During our short time in the park, we did start taking pictures of the Golden 50ths. My kids just loved this. It was fun looking for them, some of them looked really cool. We also started the 50th penny presses. Now just imagine, carrying aroung five rolls of quarters and over 100 pennies. It was funny, my hubbys pants kept falling down. LOL So then I put it in my bag. Lucky me!

We got back to the Hotel and got our room. We went up to our room #2757. It was on the 9th floor overlooking disneyland and downtown disney. It had a great view!!! We got a very big room, two queen beds, a daybed, two nightstands, a table, a tv cabinet and the bathroom had double sinks and a seperate toliet. It was great!!! We were getting hungry, so we went down to Croc bites and grab a couple burgers. They were good. The day finally caught up to us and we were sooooo tired!! We headed back up to the room and called it a day. The beds were GREAT!!! The sheets were soft and the pillows were perfect!!! Well, we got into bed and we were all asleep within minutes. Tomorrow is California adventure!!


How exciting…Can’t wait to hear more!


Sounds like a fun first day!! I am curious though…was it the pennies & quarters that you put into your bag or your hubby’s pants??? LOL!!! Can’t wait to read more! :tongue:


LOL doughnut!

Quartz7, I am so happy to be reading a DL TR this am! I am right there with you, lol.
More, more, more!! :mickey:


LOL :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: got tears in my eyes!!! No it was the pennies and quarters. I think they may have kicked us out of Disneyland and our DD would have ran away!!! LOL

I’ll write about day 2 tomorrow, just had to stop in and check on DC.


Thanks quartz7 for the DL trip report so far! I :heart: Disneyland so much, so it’s always fun to read a trip report about it!

Does there happen to be pictures as well, to go along with the report?


It sounds like you had a wonderful first day, with a great room. I can’t wait to hear what you did next!


Keep this great report coming. I want to hear more~ :heart: ~


aw shucks, I was hoping there’d be more now :smile:
Great report, can’t wait to read more!


Can’t wait to read the rest! I want to go to DL SOOOOO Bad! Maybe in a couple years!


sorry about not keeping up on the trip report!!

Just a quick note to let you guys know I have an awful cold and truly have very little energy. I will update really soon, I promise!!!


Ooo, I can’t wait to hear more!! I am assuming you stayed at the DL Hotel, I would LOVE to hear more about that b/c I am staying there for the first time in June.


:flowers: Get well soon quartz7 :flowers:


Thanks Daisyd, feeling a little better!!

Day 2 Wed. was at California Adventure. But before we this we decided to go into Disneyland and look around mainstreet. But I was kinda disappointed. They had a lot of the park marked off for the taping of the christmas parade. It meant more people in a smaller area. You couldn’t get to the characters because they were waiting for the filming to start. My kids were kinda sad at this. Not much we could do, so off the California we went.

We headed over to mullholland express. I love this ride, I giggle so hard everytime I ride it. My daughter rode this with me and liked it too. We then headed over to bugs land, they really enjoyed this. Cute decorations for christmas. Big christmas lights, just really cute.

We then headed to the center and the kids got to get autographs from Mickey, Goofy, and Minnie. They love doing this!! My daughter loves goofy and she get soooo exicted when she sees him!! We then headed over to the 12:35 showing of Aladdin. I can’t say enough about this show. It was the most AWESOME show I have seen!!! The genie was the funniest character!! I would definitly tell everyone Do Not Miss this show!!

We decide to try the Fish Tacos, YUMMY!!! My kids thought gross, lol. My dauther got a mickey pretzel, she loved it. I got a yummy “rita” from Rita’s. We kinda headed back to the entrance and did a little shopping. Looked at my watch and decided to give the Christmas parade a try. We got there and sat by the opera house. Perfect place. I love the christmas parade, the wooden soldiers are the best, so are the reindeer!! My kids were just beaming through the whole thing. “look there’s Max”, “Look it’s goofy” “Look it’s Santa Claus”. This is what makes Disney so wonderful.

It was about 45 minutes until the fireworks, so we made our way up mainstreet to about the Kodak shop. Right underneath the snow machine. Let me tell you, the wait was worth it. They were the most glorious fireworks I have every seen. When my kids saw Tink, they went nuts. I love the star wars part best!! Unbelievable, is all I can say. I still get goosebumps just remembering them. Wonderful time that night, except we had to try to get to the monorail and WHOA, there were so many people trying to go the other way. Holy moly, I felt like a cow. Someone behind me was mooing, it was pretty funny. Lady in front of me had a little girl that had to go,“real bad”, so she led the way. Got through and onto the monorail we went.

Stopped by the concierge lounge to pick up snack and my evening glass of milk. We sat down and relaxed a bit. I looked over to my kids and they were ready to drop. So off to the very comfortable beds and nighty night we went.

Day 3 Disneyland tomorrow!!


Yep we stayed there. I really love this hotel. The room was very clean and the beds were great!! What info would you like to know about? Just ask away.


I think I better apologize for my spelling and grammer. I am still a little “Medicine head” this morning. My hubby keeps saying “just look at my hair”. Oh he is just soooo funny!! LOL. I’ll get some photos up to you guys soon.


OK, here are some photos for you guys.

This one is of the kids riding in the front of the monorail.


This one is pretty obvious.


This one is Jazzy and Trevor with that really cool waterball in Tomorrowland


This one is the Jelly fish ride in DCA, my daughter loves this one!!