Back from long Disney vacation


Hello everyone. It’s taken a week for me to recover from the long Disney trip we took this year. My family and I arrived there on March 24th, and left April 4th.
There was a mix of great things, tic-tacky things but overall it’s still Disney and a day at Disney sure beats a week at work!
First, the places we ate this time around were awesome. New for us this year was [B]Teppan Edo[/B] had great service and food. This place was similar to our Yamamoto’s here in Lexington but without the glitz. [B]The Coral Reef[/B] was it’s usual treat to eat at. [B]Donald’s Safari Breakfast[/B] was good. [B]The Yak & Yeti[/B] had tremendous food however we had an accident there which I will describe later. More to tell but I have to leave for work. Will continue later along with slide show of pictures from this trip.


Hi fellow Kentuckian! I’m looking forward to your trip report! :mickey: :smile:


Can’t wait to hear all the details.


Oh no, an accident? I hope nobody got hurt!! Can’t wait for your TR


Can’t wait to hear about your trip. It will gear me up for mine!!


Looking forward to hearing all about it.


looking forward to read all about it


Ok, it’s Friday afternoon. I need that trip report, please


Yipee!! Another trip report…can’t wait to read all about your trip.


Alright, I’m back to continue my trip report. I left after I mentioned the Yak and Yeti. We ate again at the Liberty Tree Tavern and found it just as good as last year. New, was 1900 Park Fare was really fun for the wife and daughter where they got to meet Cinderella, the two Step sisters and of course the step mother. The food was by far the best of the character dinners we have attended. New, was the Grand Floridian Cafe and the food here was also perfectly prepared and well presented. My favorite place to eat did not let me down ethier, Kona Cafe still has great flavors thoughout the menu. New, The Captain’s Grille was OK was little average but not horrible. New, Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant was great and the ribs there are killer!
That raps up the food. Now to the parks. We had an amazing time at Animal Kingdom where we saw the Festival of the Lion King for the first time. Of course we rode Everest and Dinosaur.
Epcot was great to walk around again. Had too many drinks at dinner and almost lost dinner on Mission Space. (Note to self: Don’t do that again.) Shoped at Mousegears and did all the normal rides. Again after 5 straight years it’s still a great time. Soarin has become a cult. I rode it once with a fast pass and never went back. It’s a good ride but not good enough to wait 60 to 70 min.
Magic Kingdom is still Boss! Great place to spend the whole day. Got soaked twice on Splash Mountain. Did all the rides as usual. One criticism: again a nit pick sort of thing. They changed the voice on the Transit Authority People mover. Don’t like that.
Downtown Disney was somewhat dissapointing for me and my daughter this year with the removal of Virgin Records. We did see Alice In Wonderland in 3-D there.
Hollywood Studios was rock solid again this year with all their rides and attractions.
Storylines and notes of humor: I became an avid vinylmation pin collector by starting with 0 and ending up with 38 from trading only! (Not Bad!)
My daughter ate too much at the Yak & Yeti and when we left the restaurant my daughter got sick before she could get anywhere far enough away from the entrance and ruined her new Jack Skellington gloves. She was mortified and vows never to go back near there.
Here is the Slideshow of the trip. Hope you like it. Please feel free to comment. Thanks. Just click on the photo.


Some shots that were cut down on the Slide show that look better larger scale. Once you get there you scroll through all the photos. Thanks.


awesome pics! MK looks packed!



Thanks for sharing…Awesome pictures,love the slideshow.


Thanks for sharing the report and the pictures.


Great pics! Thanks for sharing!


great Slide show - thanks for sharing


great pics. thanks for posting


we were there for almost the exact same dates- we went on March 27th to April 5th. Were you there the day they were at max capacity at MK? We were leaving AK and they said that they were at max capacity at the bus station. your pics look like you may have been.


It was a madhouse at MK. Out of the five years I have gone, this was the most jammed I have seen the stores and streets. Of course we were there right at the height of spring break and Easter.


The wife and I have sat down and made our plans for our next visit to Disney. It looks like it will be just us. Our daughter has had enough of Disney. I guess it ethier gets inside you or it does not. I hope that changes before we go. It looks like we will be going back in the fall of 2011 to see Disney during the holidays which we have not yet seen. We also want to stay at the Polynesian. Now we have to play the countdown game till we get there.