Back from our 25th Anniversary Trip


Got in today around 3 o’clock. Will start a TR as soon as I we get all our ducks back in a row. Will upload pics a.s.a.p. Unfortunately our camera/phone cards have not been reading in the computer.:angry: Will need to buy an accessory now.


Yay! Another TR!!


Congratulations on your 25th! We have done our 9th, 10th, and 11th at Disney. It is a great place for it, right? Congratulations!


Ack! I got so excited about the prospect of another TR that I failed to notice that it was your 25th Anniversary.:blush: What a wonderful way to celebrate! Congratulations!


Congrats on your 25th… Cant wait to hear all about your trip and see your pictures… LOVE LOVE LOVE trip reports.


Congrats! Can’t wait for the tr!


welcome home, happy 25th. Can’t wait to read all about it!


Happy 25th!!! Can’t wait to read your TR!!


Congratulations on your 25th. Can’t wait to read your Thread. We are going in 29 days to celebrate our 30th, so your thread will be like a prelude to the excitement


Congrats on he anniversary! Now bring on the TR :laugh:


Wow, congrats on the 30th too!


OK. We didn’t abandon all of you. :laugh: I picked up our DX-CRMN1 Mini Memory Card Reader/Writer thingie from Best Buy today. I just transferred 557 images from our camera (and as soon as DW learned that we had to look at them:tongue:). I will transfer our two phones, sort out the duplicates and the bad ones of me (read all with me).

As I upload I will try to dictate the trip back to everyone. Thanks for being patient.