Back from Pop! Aug 31-Sept 8th


We’ve been back for a couple of days now and I think it’s time for my 1st TRIP REPORT! :ohmy: Please, bear with me…


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As always, it was just the two of us. Carla (23) and myself (23). While we normally book through WDW directly, we instead booked a vacation package through Southwest Vacations at a GREAT price. However, we decided to add a day to the trip and they failed to cooperate with us. All we wanted to do was leave a day early for the same flight and they wouldn’t allow us to unless we canceled the package altogether. To make a long story short, we booked a one way flight with JetBlue. The only issue with that was we had to fly out of Boston instead of Providence. (I live 10 mins away from Providence, RI.)

Mon. Aug 31st:

We woke up at 4:30AM and drove to Providence where we took a bus to Logan Airport in Boston. Our flight was at 8:15AM. We were soooo excited to fly JetBlue since they have TV’s on board. (We always fly Southwest…but we may not go back!) We landed at MCO around 10:30AM and headed for ME. When we came in March, the queue was FILLED….we had NO line this time! YAY!! We checked in and were on our bus to Pop Century in 10 mins.

We arrived to the resort and had no problem in getting a room in building 3 of 50‘s. We requested a room on the 2nd or 3rd floor with a king size bed. We’ve never stayed on the first floor but we always thought it would be nosier down there. We were right next to the pool, which happened when we stayed in the 90’s building. It turned out to be a reaaaallllyyy bad idea. There was so much noise coming from the pool throughout the week it drove us crazy. We never had a problem before until now. Oh well. We immediately got into our “Day 1” routine. We had lunch at the food court and headed to the pool for an hour or so. We then got changed and headed to Downtown Disney for the usual shopping/browsing/people watching. Had dinner at Planet Hollywood (FREE DINING) and then came out to terrible THUNDERSTORMS :eek:. It was really pouring. This was our 6th Disney trip together, and it never rained more than 5 mins. We had planned to hang out some more at DD but instead we ran to our bus and called it a night at around 8PM. This kinda worked out in my favor because Brett was on Monday night football!


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It seems I have started this a little early. I have some things I have to do around the house :glare:…but TOMORROW…I will finish the remaining 7 days.

Hope I’m doing alright so far!


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We were there on the 31st also, in the Lady building…that really was quite a doozy of a storm (we checked out on Sept 1).

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[QUOTE=MegaPowersPT;991558]It seems I have started this a little early. I have some things I have to do around the house :glare:…but TOMORROW…I will finish the remaining 7 days.

Hope I’m doing alright so far![/QUOTE]

You were doing great, up til you mentioned that Brett guy. :wink: Looking forward to more tr and pictures.


Wait just a second! I’m so confused now! I see in your pics that ME did indeed have a check in counter…another recent TR said they did away with the check in. Can anyone clarify? We leave in just a few days.


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Tues. Sept 1st:

We got up extra early for MH over at Epcot. 10 minutes before opening we realized that there weren’t many people behind us in line. As soon as we were let in we had a couple behind us take a picture of us in front of Spaceship Earth and we did the same for them. Soon after that they dropped the rope as everyone scrambled for Test Track and Soarin’….(we remained behind the CM’s at all times, of course! :whistling:)

We were on the first ‘flight’ on Soarin’ and immediately grabbed some Fastpasses afterwards. There were big walls covering up the Living with the Land attraction which made us really sad. We knew it would be closed, but still…:glare: So instead we headed over to Test Track. We’ve done this SO many times, I wish we could just skip the pre-show video…Love TT, though. Hopped on Figment real quick and then the Seas with Nemo & Friends. By this time it was almost time to head back to Soarin’ with our FP’s just as they started letting everyone else into the park. Rode Soarin’ again and headed to Spaceship Earth. A 45 minute trip into Ellen’s Energy Nightmare led us into the opening of World Showcase where we rode both of Mexico and Norway’s boat rides.
We planned on having lunch over at Big River Grille on the Boardwalk so we made that trek around 12:30. We had heard some mixed reviews on this place, but we did enjoy it. We then took the bus at the Boardwalk to the Magic Kingdom. We were very pleased to see that the crowds were VERY light. We rode the two open mountains back to back and grabbed a FP for Big Thunder even though we didn’t even have to use it. Pirates was next on our list, but we first stopped to watch the Pirate Tutorial. Jack tried to invite Carla up to join the other children but she wasn’t having it. (She’s 23, but many people pass her off as a 13 yr. old.) Hopped on Pirates following that and then a boring CM led us on a journey through the Jungle. That was dissapointing. Love taking the short cut behind the Magic Carpets of Aladdin to get over to Liberty Square without having to walk ALL the way around both Adventureland and Frontierland. We loooove the Haunted Mansion. Actually did this back-to-back. Walked through Fantasyland to get to the Tomorrowland Speedway which had the longest line of the day at about 10 mins. The clouds started rolling in around this time. And then….it happened, almost on cue.

There she was, all by her lonesome. SPACE MOUNTAIN. Partially covered by walls and cranes. Again, we obviously knew this had been shut down for several months but it really hit us hard when we saw this in person. Easily our favorite ride in all the World. Needless to say, we cannot wait for this to re-open. Couldn’t do Tomorrowland Transit Authority either. Everytime we do the Laugh Floor floor I always seem to appear on that screen. Pretty funny. We rode Buzz and then headed to the Hall of Presidents to check out Barack Obama. We enjoyed the updated show. It needed it. As we leave the theater, people are PACKED in the gift shop because it is absolutely pouring. Because it was our 6th trip and it’s never rained all that much we decided against ponchos – at least for now. So we ran, I mean RAN to Pecos Bill’s from there. After our meal, we decided it wasn’t going to get any better so we caved it and bout those ponchos! Pirates one last time before Wishes and then we headed back to the resort for some sleep.