Back home but busy


Howdy kids,

We got back to town on Friday night after our week stay at SSR and while I will try to do a TR (never good at those), I can’t promise when as we have been busy since getting home (classes start for me today). A few of the highlights of the trip…

  1. Got to meet Ddoll and PrincessPooh and hang out as a group at MK
  2. SSR…FANTASTIC resort!!! Really, really big but it is a beautiful place
  3. La Nouba…WOW…'nuff said
  4. Keys to the Kingdom tour
  5. My first time on Test Track
  6. VWL resort tour with Ranger Stan

That is all for now…have to get ready for my evening class “Organizational Behavior”…eeek!


Sounds like a fun trip. I hope you can squeeze in a TR because I love reading them and seeing pictures!


Welcome home King!

Well, I want to hear all about Keys to the Kingdom! I’ve been waiting for you to get home for days, LOL!


yes - We need a TR please with pictures


Welcome home King. It was a pleasure to meet you and your lovely wife. Both such nice and friendly people. Thanks for arranging the meets.

Same with meeting you Crystal. Your DH was very nice and your babies were beeYOOtiful! I was talking about your little tiny bit of a baby walking around the other day.