Back in the world of Argenbrazilnezuala!


We made it down tonight, snagging a couple of nights at All Star Sports before our five in WLV. This is a cool resort, I am always impressed with what you get at the All Stars.

I do however understand why no dining was available at our favorite places this week. At least 75 percent of the people we have encountered so far are South American. All have been great and we love meeting people from around the world. But, I have some tour group fears sinking in right now… The ever-evil tour group.

Cross my fingers we arent over run by the tour group flags tomorrow.


Do not worry. I was worried too aboutthe tour groups, and found no issues with line breaking, chanting, etc. they seemed very organized in their matching shirts and backpacks. Look for Disney employees in green shirts. They are translators, and are there to help keep them in line. I think disney has them under better control than in years past, and it was much more pleasant than it could have been. If chanting every started, it was quickly stopped. They seemed to be following their guides very closely, and sticking together for everything, no running wild everywhere.
Hopefully you will have the same experience.


Even without the tour groups, we noticed a ton of foreign language speakers from everywhere while we were there. We thought it was about 60% foreigners to English speakers( American English). Overal, very pleasant for us when those tour groups could have ruined it. There were tons there when we were there. We counted at least 10 groups coming off the stunt show one day.


We missed most of the groups also.

Thank God!


Last month we only saw one “group” and that one wasn’t a problem at all…I thought perhaps it was the time of year we were there…somewhere someone on here posted that June and July were the worst months for big tour groups from South America…not sure where that info came from…


They were unreal when I was there the last week of July. Unreal. There were packs of them everywhere, although I never saw them on a bus.


We just got back last night, only saw one tour group the entire stay, but we definitely were discussing either Disney was giving away some awesome deals elsewhere, or the value of the dollar is strong for other countries. I was guessing 80% foreign and 20% English speakers. Once again, very pleasant trip (with the exception of those Moms SCREAMING at their toddlers, or putting a 15 month old in a hot tub!..but that can be another thread of “What is wrong with you!?!”)


We were there in July and found out that Disney has given the tour groups some new rules plus they were embedding native college program CMs with the groups. It tamed the Brazilians quite a bit.


I fully expect to be fluent in Portugese by the time I get home. That being said - we’ve only seen one very well-behaved group and lots of families. No issues at all. English does seem to be the minority language this week.


I love the week in August that I have been going because there are TONS of English, Irish and my favorite - SCOTTISH…sexist accent ever. Among all of the pretty accents I love to hear are Jersey and NYers…nice balance…lol


I’m fine with every accent that comes, as long as they are respectful of everyone else there. Even American accents. My Mom has this knack of everywhere she goes for vacation, she runs into some British person. Sorry to everyone that has encountered her already. She is so nice and friendly,but she bends their ear about Princess Diana and the royal family. We joke about her running into British people everywhere.

My kids enjoyed hearing other accents when we were there in July.


i just realized that we didn’t see a single tour group in June!


Today was our first day at the MK. Half the day the park was empty, the other half packed. I would definitely agree that the ratio was 80/20. However the only two groups we saw were girl scouts and a LARGE group for a sweet little girls 5th birthday. I only dealt with maybe 5 incidences of craziness and even that I think was ignorance more than anything.

It was a really pleasant day. Tomorrow we move into Wilderness Lodge Villas. Glad to get there but AS sports is cool, though much much louder than a moderate or deluxe. Interested to see the percentages there. AS sports is definitely 90/10. I agree with others, there must be a great foreign deal. I need to start looking for deals for Disney Land Paris. Lol


I guess the groups from Hialeah and North Miami aren’t there this week.:whistling:biggrin:


I work in a museum in Boston and since springtime of this year we have marked a GIANT uptick in international visitors. Spring and fall are usually our busiest times for international visitors, I would estimate in the past that the split is usually 40% international, 60% domestic for those seasons. Traditionally, summer is an 80% domestic, 20% international split. This year? Since about April I would say the split averages out to 60% international, 40% domestic. Some weeks this summer we felt like we ONLY had international visitors. It has been an interesting year for tourism in Boston for sure. I am guessing that is the case across the country and in WDW.