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Hey ya’ll, Its been almost over a year since I’ve been on. I’m still alive and living. For those of you who are friends with me on facebook, its good to see what is going on in your day to day lives, and those who are not, Ive missed you! I’ve had quite a lot going on, everything from leaving my job of 5 years to being diagnosed with several mental disorders. But just thought I would finally get around to checking in and reminding everyone, I am still the Disneyland Geek I have always been, so dont hesitate to ask questions if needed! Im going to try to log on more often and start getting more involved like I use to be. Hope everyone is well!


Welcome back!


Hi James and welcome back to MB!


Next time, don"t take so long to check on us over here!!!:blush::blush: Nice to have you back, even though I see you on FB.


Good to see ya, James :flowers:
Are you still baking and decorating your gorgeous cakes?


[QUOTE=Dopey;1104986]Good to see ya, James :flowers:
Are you still baking and decorating your gorgeous cakes?[/QUOTE]
Nope, I left my job at the bakery back in January. It was time to move on, so right now Im on a journey to discover something new in my life.


I wish you all the best for your journey. Keep a journal, it will let you discover more than you imagine now!


Is that journey going to take you to New Orleans or are you sticking close to Disneyland? BTW, although I see you on FB, it’s good to see you back to MB. :wub:


Welcome home to Mousebuzz. You have been missed!:heart:


It’s still a torn battle between the two. Part of me wants to keep DLR as a travel destination and make New Orleans my home, while a part of me wants to go back to working at Disneyland. So its still unknown what the future holds…


Well, what ever you decide, know you’re wished the best.


New Orleans is in between DLR and WDW…just throwing that out there.


I agree with you, tigger!! Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez!!


That is very true…making both very accessible. Good point made!