Back to 180 day ADR scheduling


So, I booked the bounceback offer and the CM said they are going back to 180 days out for ADRs.

Since the park calendar is only 120 days out… what does everyone do as far as planning?

What are “standard” things to plan around (EMH ect…) and what should I take into consideration?

Not that I am in a hurry or anything… just something to ponder…:slight_smile:


I just go with the flow. I make sure to try and get my must haves and then plan park days around that.


I like to have the park hours to book my dining, but can do it without if I have to. I do hope they go back to putting the park hours up 180 days in advance if they are doing the Dining that way. It makes it a bit easier. I utilize EMH in the AM, so it’s kinda important to me. The only one that is going to factor in is my crystal palace breakfast, but with a 10 day trip, it may not even matter. How many EMH can you really do before you collapse? LOL


I agree! I couldn’t get our group out of bed by the 4th day so I missed our Chef Mickeys! ( I called and cancelled it) The others we made it to. I know I will make my reservations then find out it is a fluke high capacity day. :slight_smile:


That’s what hopping is for!:heart:


I read somewhere online that they were going to start putting the park hours back up at 180 days to accommodate ADR planning.


I read about this on allears. They are saying it does not go into effect until Oct. 27th. Is that what others are hearing too?


If All Ears posts it, you can pretty much take it to the bank.


To threadjack just a bit, what was the deal with the bounceback offer? I haven’t heard about any current bounceback offer (or have I just had my head in the sand?).


I got a flyer in my room last week for the exact offer I used this year- same price/FD at POP as long as I booked before I left. The offer on the flyer was actually for SSR but I booked my original package because I could go 2x at POP for the price of one week at SSR.


I agree. The last trip seemed so difficult to plan with having the hours and option of making ADR’s early. Almost semed like I was rushed.


that is exactly right. We are in our 180 days slot right now but cannot do anything about this until the 27th of Oct -when it all takes effect. I am hoping though that this time will allow the Park hours to come in line with the ADr’s so we can see if our current plan will work for us as far as EMH goes or whether we need to re jig a few things.


ugh i don’t like the 180 day adr at all :frowning: i’ve never been one to plan a vacation that far in advance so we won’t be able to get any of the places we want:( last year we decided to go a month before we left and this year was maybe 100 days before. :frown: