Back to the Beach Club we go!


Finally all done… From August 23 to August 28, we’ll be staying at the BC celebrating my DD’s 17th Birthday!!! Last year we stayed there and just fell in love with the resort with it’s great location, staff and pools… So this morning I went on booked, made our ADR’s for the week and we’re all happy campers!!!

ADR’s are:

Mon 23rd- Rose & Crown for Illuminations and celebrating DD’s B-day

Tues 24th- Crystal Palace for breakfast and Cape Mays Clambake for dinner

Wed 25th- Chef Mickey’s for Breakfast and Raglan Road for dinner

Thurs 26th- Breakfast with Donald at Tusker House

Fri 27th- Breakfast with Lilo & Stitch and dinner at Whispering Canyon

Sat 28th- Breakfast at Cape May’s then hop in the car to head back home!!

Our plan is to drive down, leaving Saturday morning then getting to Cocoa Beach Sunday before heading off to WDW for the week then driving back home, leaving Saturday morning, staying inthe Carolina’s then home by Sunday night… We drove down a couple years ago and enjoyed it so we figured why not give it another whirl!!

All I can say though is… Is it August yet!!!:laugh:


Wow sound like a great birthday party. I am still keeping my fingers crossed that we can go to WDW from Aug 26-31 but we may only be able to do the camping. Not that bad but we only have a tent…Camping is MUCH better in a trailer then the hard seashell ground. I am hopeful that we may get a deal that will let us stay in a FQR. I figure that if they through in the free meal plan then I would like to spring for the hotel.
Hope you have a great time while you are there.


Congrats on another trip!! I am with you…Come on August!!!:laugh:


Sounds awesome! Have a great time!



Great plan!! Can’t wait to read the TR!!


Sounds like you’ve got it all planned out!:happy: Have a great trip!


Will you enter the US via Buffalo or Watertown?

I have made that drive so many times I know it by heart, I don’t need maps.

Hopefully there will be some late August discounts for you.


We come through Buffalo since it’s a hop, skip and a jump from here!! Takes us a day and a half, not really pushing all that hard…As for maps, I’m using the GPS…LOL… Easy breezy!!


Congrats on your trip and your great ADRS you scored. I will be down there the same time only at POFQ. We can wait it out together.


Do you cross at The Falls or at the Peace Bridge and then cut over to 81 and head south, eventually connecting to 75? Or do you come through Windsor and grab 75 right away?

I’m just curious.


81? Did someone say 81!! Know it well.:laugh::laugh:


We cross at the Peace Bridge and then cut over… It’s only a half hour from our place while Windsor is almost 4 hours away actually!! We’ve only driven down that one time, and thank goodness for Martha (our GPS) since not a soul in the car reads a map worth a darn!!

Dana, at least I won’t be the only one who keeps thinking “Is it time yet?”…LOL