'Back to the Future' Ride Bound for Past


‘Back to the Future’ Ride Bound for Past
Sept. 3, 2007, 6:20 AM EST

The Associated Press

LOS ANGELES – A ride that took theme park visitors “Back to the Future” is about to be relegated to the past.

The Universal Studios Hollywood ride based on the film trilogy starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd was taking its final passengers Monday. It was closing to make room for a new “Simpsons” attraction.

“Back to the Future — The Ride,” was the theme park’s first high-technology thrill ride when it opened in 1993.

Passengers were strapped into a moving carriage — modeled after the film’s DeLorean time machine — in front of a film projected on a domed screen, which gave the illusion of flight.

The new ride based on “The Simpsons” TV series will debut next year, theme park officials said.


Sadly those kind of rides make me nauseous. Never could enjoy it. I wonder if the Simpsons will be a film projected ride also.


I was expecting this to close actually as we found the BTTF ride in Universal Florida closed when we went there in April of this year. The shope was still there selling merchandise from the films and it was there that we got talking to the lady in the store and she confirmed what the new plans were. Very sad…I love BTTF loads and although the Simpsons is HUGE, I can take it or leave it.


I haven’t been on the Back to the Future ride since about 1994 :laugh: That was back when if you wanted to go on it you had to wait in like a 2 hour line, it seemed like EVERYTHING at Universal had a 2 hour line. :glare: Actually, now that I think about it I haven’t been to Universal since about 1994. :laugh:

Well that’s cool I guess, I have no plans on going back to Universal or IoA really, nor does a Simpsons attraction excite me at all BUT that’s great they are taking an existing outdated structure and making something more relevant of it.

Is it going to be in both Hollywood AND Orlando?



I was pulling for a Labor Day trip to Universal Hollywood, only I couldn’t find decent hotel arrangements or airplane ticket prices. And, I figured that once we got over there, the line would be huge and I’d have to wait all day to ride it… either that or spend $40+ on an Express pass.

Back to the Future is my favorite movie EVER. I’m really bummed that they removed the ride from both parks… to make room for the Simpsons!?! Urg…

Yes, the ride technology was a bit of outdated, but they could have revamped it instead of replacing it. BTTF will continue to be a classic… how long will the Simpsons stay a favorite?


sorry, I don’t mean to be off the main topic here but I am not OLVERLY familiar with Universal in California; why on our three trips to California in the past 5 years have people told us “DON’T go to Universal Hollywood.” I even had a concierge at an LA hotel tell me it was “kinda sketchy.” I’ve heard this more than several times, is that true?


No Way!! :eek: We loved it there! I’d go back again in a heartbeat.


Oh I wish I could have been on that ride just one more time. I love that ride!


Glad that they are replacing this ride! It always gave me a headache…not from motion sickness…but from hitting my head on the side of the car every freakin time!:angry: I even tried to hold my head so that it wouldn’t hit the side of the car during the ride…that didn’t work:pinch: I never went on the one in Orlando for this reason…and I haven’t been on the one in L.A. for I don’t know how long. Of course it’s been a few years since I’ve been to Universal here anyway.


I’m really sad to see it go. A HUGE fan of the movie, but I will agree the ride made me sick. Wish I could get sick on it one more time, lol.


I’m sad to see BTTF close and be replaced by the Simpsons. Don’t get me wrong…I like the Simpsons but I think it’s a little shortsighted of Universal to abandon a franchise like BTTF.

The re-runs of the movies every holidays bears testament to it’s popularity.

Also I’d like to add that Universal Hollywood , like the original Disneyland , has a charm all of it’s own and I would recommend visiting.

We like the Orlando Parks and the California Parks too.


It was almost set in stone that was going to happen as soon as the one in Orlando shut. I must say I’m going to miss this ride.

Lots of memories from that ride.

Its a shame rides have to go. But thats progress :happy:



It was almost set in stone that was going to happen as soon as the one in Orlando shut. I must say I’m going to miss this ride.

Lots of memories from that ride.

Its a shame rides have to go. But thats progress :happy:



Does anyone else feel sort of “funny” about this trend to make movies into rides?
I mean everything these days has a reference to TV and movie characters which then ties into selling product.
Yes, I know that that was true for the parks when they started, but it’s getting a little over the top today. Look at the Nemo craze right now. How many Nemo themed rides and attractions does one need?
Same with Toy story. Now they’re planning another ride at the studios.
I am getting a little tired of it. Let’s come up with an original idea, imagineers!

rant over


Sorry about the double post!! not sure how that happened.




We’ll miss it to - even though it was super bumpy. About Hollywood - I love the fact that the old original movies were filmed there from the 30’s right up to present day, and it’s insane how its built on different levels of a deep valley.
The escalaters and huge!


We only went to Univearsal once - for a day about 11 or 12 years ago. We did everything there was to do and still had a big part of the afternoon remaining. (This was before IOA.) But we actually DID like the Back to the Future ride. It was the best one there, I thought. Oh well…