Back-up Plan: Pizza delivery at Pop


Hey guys:

We had pizza at AS a number of years ago. It wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t great.

Has anyone done the pizza service lately at Pop Century? How does it compare to say, Dominos, Pizza Hut or Papa Gino’s?



I get pizza at least once a trip. It’s the same pizza…ok, but not awesome.


Sorry but the pizza at POP was the worst I ever tasted. Even my kids wouldn’t eat it.We tossed it out!


We did pizza delivery at POP a few years ago…so my info isn’t recent by any means so take it for what it’s worth.
Do you like pizza at WDW? I think it’s disgusting and the pizza at POP is basically the same pizza served everywhere else in WDW only bigger.


I haven’t tried any WDW pizza, but considering my stance on hot dogs that cook on rollers, you can assume I will only truly accept a good NY style pizza, a decent Sicilian pizza or perhaps an authentic Chicago pizza, I’m sure you know why. I’m not a fan of the chain delivery places either although I guess push comes to shove, I’ll tolerate Domino’s or Papa John’s.
Anyway, I’ve eaten in Spoodles a bunch of times in the recent past and watched, and smelled the pizzas being baked for the Boardwalk and they’ve got the basics for a good pizza (a real pizza oven, not some chain drive assembly line abomination). At least good enough to eventually try.
I can’t say for the pizzas offered by the values. For all I know, they have Domino’s style chain drive assembly line ovens.