Howdy folks,

WE got back earlier this evening from our Labor Day weekend trip. It was probably the best trip we have had. I will try to have TR up soon. Did not get too many pictures this time around. But there may be some more video to upload to R2G’s video links page.

That is all for now.



Welcome back!! Can’t wait to see the TR . . . one of my favorite parts of MB! :wub:


Glad the trip was such a success! Set that alarm clock early so you can get to work on that TR!!! LOL…


Welcome back…look forward to it!


Welcome back King, so glad to hear it was a wonderful trip! Can’t wait to hear ALL about it!!!


Welcone back, can’t wait to hear about your trip


welcome back cant wait to hear the trip report


We are ready!! We can’t wait to read about your trip!


Welcome back, looking forward to the TR


Welcome back!!! Glad you had a great trip!!


Welcome back… We were there at the same time… Just returned yesterday!


can’t wait to hear all about it!!


welcome back. can’t wait to hear all about it.


Looking forward to your TR. When should we expect it to begin? :laugh:


Sorry for folks for taking so long to get the TR up.

Unfortunately, DW passed her head/chest cold to me on Monday when we were driving back and I am feeling rather miserable since then(got about 2 hours of lousy sleep last night)

Today is my first day back to work from vacation but I am actually going home sick cuz I can barely breathe. The good thing is that I had ordered a new PC through work and it arrived so I will be taking it home with me to setup later today (gonna take a nap when I get home). Once I get it setup I will get cracking on the TR.

I am happy to say except for a couple bumps, this was most likely the bestest trip that DW & I have ever had together. Why you ask? Well, guess you’ll just have to read the TR when I get it done lol

Ok off to pack my sniffling butt and go home…


OK King, head home, catch a nappy-poo and then get to typin’!!:laugh:


Glad to hear you had a great time; welcome back. Take a couple of swigs of Nylquil and call me in the morning. :laugh: