Backlot tour volunteers


ok here’s the question… how do you go about getting to volunteer for this?

my dh has decided this would be really fun to do with his dad. If they can get in to do it.

Any suggestions? Hints?


My daughter got picked a few years ago.
We just happened to be at the front of the line and everyone they picked was in that area.


My friend “volunteered” me the other day. I had no idea what I was getting into. I was the mechanic too!! Oh my goodness. He just scurried up to the front of the line and asked. Then the CMs started calling and asking for other volunteers. I would suggest being towards the front of the line and just asking. :slight_smile:


When we were chosen, we just happened to be walking by the entrance to the ride and they asked us to volunteer. I don’t think we were even planning on going on the ride, but we figured we’d give it a go.

I agree with finding a Backlot Tour castmember and asking. If they already have volunteers for the next trip, they can probably use you for the one after.


I think that’s what happened on our tour. They didn’t take anyone out of line and I think I saw our volunteers go in the show before ours.


Same thing happened to me the time I was chosen. I just happened to be at the front of the line.


We were at there a couple of weeks ago just after opening. There were a few people standing around and we were all waiting to get in. A Cast Member came out to tell us that the show started at 9:30. He was talking to us and asked if anyone would like to volunteer for the show. Since you have to be 16 and our DGSs weren’t old enough, I stepped right up to the “challenge”. It was an absolute blast! I was the captain of the ship. Totally enjoyed myself. It was one of the hightlights of our trip. DH and DD took a lot of still photos. I just wish one of us had brought a video camera. . .


Another fun thing to do is volunteer for the Indiana Jones show… you have to holler and act like a maniac when the CM is looking for volunteers from the audience… this is a really fun one! :tongue:


Wasn’t the Indiana Jones show taken out for the new stunt show? DH got picked for this one time. It was so funny. He had the “death scene” part, and when the tourists poked him, he flinched. The whole audience laughed!


DH is so tall, and with his white hair, he’s been picked three times for the Indiana Jones show, as well as many other things. He just stands out in the crowd.


We have been asked but we declined, they seem to ask for vlunteers alot tho, I would just get to the front of the line and ask.


Years ago when we did the tour ('98, I think) DH was asked to be a helper and he cautiously accepted (he’s a very modest guy). This is when the live action 101 dalmations movies were out and big. He ended up peddling a stationary bike with a fan blowing him back, and they re-enacted the scene in the movie where Pongo pulls the guy (sorry, mind fart, I forgot the character name) along on his bike when he sees Perdy in the park. It was very cute. DH would have never asked to do it, but they approached him, so he went with it.


Just make sure your bring the camera/video camera!


I was one of the “volunteers” for this. We just happened to be walking in and there is a door right there to the right and a CM grabbed me and my friend gave us some very brief instructions, dressed us, and put us out there. It was a lot of fun.


Thanks everyone!
I’ll pass the info on to DH!
He thinks his father will do it with him!
That would be great for my mother in law and me to watch!!
And our daughter would be laughing at her Daddy!


I hope they get picked! It’s really fun to be part of the show. Don’t know why, but I raised my hand last time and they chose me! EEK! I didn’t think they’d pick me cause I was towards the back of the line…but they did :eek:


DD got picked to be in the Lion King show, unfortunately we didn’t bring our video camera, but we did get a few pictures, we were sitting in the front row, because my MIL had to use an ECV