Backpacks and DLR?


I am planning on bringing a combination backpack/stool into DLR… Will I have a problem getting into DLR with this. I need to be able to have a seat at a moment’s notice and this seems to be a good option.


I know that if you have a backpack with wheels you must put it in a locker. Other than that you should be fine.


It has no wheels, just a frame (for the stool)


Then that won’t be a problem. We always bring in a big backpack. When are you leaving?


We will be in SoCal from the 19th until the 27th. My inlaws (on the retired military discount) have secured two day park hopper tickets for the three of us. My son is not coming (he is a freshman in high school, and made the choice to stay behind so he does not miss school).

We are eating breakfast at Goofy’s Kitchen on the 21st at 9:00.


Have someone keep an eye out, I did the same thing and my son had a huge party. He is not the kind of kid to do something like that, so I was really surprised! Have fun! I love Goofy’s Kitchen.


Oh, my son is staying at my parents’ house…no chance of partying!


You are a very wise parent! :wink:


I must agree! :happy: