"Backstage Magic" tour?


Has anyone done the Backstage Magic tour in the past couple of years? I did a similar version of it back when I was about 15-16 years old but I am assuming it’s changed since.

It was 7 hours back then but we went to the Imagineering building & even the Casting Center by DtD. I read some of the newer descriptions of the tour & it sounds like those stops are gone. I am still interested in a lot of the other parts of the tour though.

My question, on the DVC website it says I get a 15% discount but doesn’t list the price. Anyone know the current price? Also, has anyone done it recently, is it worth the 7 hours & price?


I got the following from Allears:

Three Theme Park Tour!
This seven-hour program visits backstage!! Travel to the Magic Kingdom to see the utilidors, examine backstage computer controlled attractions at Epcot, see behind the scenes at the Living Seas, have a special lunch at the Disney-MGM Studios, plus other surprises. Offered Monday through Friday at 8:45am. Disney recommends reservations at least 2 months in advance.

$219 per person. Theme park admission is not required.