Backstage Safari at AK


I’m planning a trip this Dec. and I’m thinking I’d like to do this tour. I’ve read some reviews on allears and it sounds good but I’m wondering if this is before the park opens or during park hours? I hate to use up park time but you do go on a safari ride which I would do anyway. Has anyone does this and would you recommend it? Thanks!

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This is right off the Disneyweb page
Trek behind the scenes for a walking safari and catch a revealing look at the new and creative ways the specialists at Disney’s Animal Kingdom® meet the unique challenges of animal care and behavior and promote wildlife conservation. Engage in discussions with keepers as you visit the Animal Nutrition Center, the state-of-the-art Veterinary Hospital and other backstage housing areas.
So it’s durning the regular park hours and is 3 hours long


Three hours is a pretty long time however, it does sound very interesting.


Most tours start at park opening, or just before.
Exceptions are the AKL concierge guest exclusive Sunrise Safari
and Magic Behind the Steam Trains where part of the tour is taking out the ceremonial first train of the day in the MK. And almost all tours require park admission as well.

We’ve done both Backstage Safari and Wild by Design in the AK and enjoyed them.


Thanks, It definitely sounds interesting so I’ll probably make it part of our next trip. I’m sure it will be worth trying once.

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