Bad Economy Strikes Downtown Disney Orlando


I follow this guy on Twitter, so not sure how true it is . . . but this stinks! :dry:

Bad Economy Strikes Downtown Disney Orlando

by John Frost

I should have left my big mouth shut, no sooner than I mention that Downtown Disney Orlando had so far escaped the recession without loosing a tenant, than Virgin Megastores announces that all their locations, including the Downtown Disney one, will be closing on May 31st.

That’s not to say that this was a surprise. Rumors that the store would close at the end of its lease had been going around. Word is Disney has been scoping out the location for conversion into a full fledged ESPNZone, as opposed to the more generic ESPN Club that’s located over at The Boardwalk.

That would be a good move if you ask me. Converting a space that was mostly dead the last few years into something that’s alive and sees frequent use. The only problem in that scenario is Disney’s existing plans to do more with the recently branded ESPN Wide World of Sports. Stay tuned.

Here is the link: Bad Economy Strikes Downtown Disney Orlando | The Disney Blog


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Wow! I knew about the one closing in Time Square. I didn’t know they would close them all :sad:.


The Virgin Megastores aren’t trading here at all either-at least not in my area. They closed down some time ago, after selling out to a company called Zavvi who have just gone into administration and so now there are just alot of empty Zavvi formerly Virgin Megastores.


Twitter you say? I need a twitter user name for this guy, please. :laugh:

It always seemed like stuff was pretty expensive in that store. CDs were at least. I only went in there once or twice.


I actually think that would be a great change. SO many people ask if there is a bar with TV’s at DTD. Personally, I dont go to WDW to sit in a bar and watch TV but I guess lots and lots of other people do!


[QUOTE=KittieKChick;940457]Twitter you say? I need a twitter user name for this guy, please. :laugh:

It always seemed like stuff was pretty expensive in that store. CDs were at least. I only went in there once or twice.[/QUOTE]

Here you go:

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Our daughter will be upset, but my wallet won’t mind too much. Anything you could get there you can probably get cheaper online anyway. I’m not big on sports bars, etc., but if it brings more activity, it’s a good thing. Seems there have been a lot of changes over recent years, another reason to keep going back…


Who buys CD’s anymore?


oh wow…I like that store. Me and DD go there at least once a trip. It’s nice to have a nondisney clothing option. First summer sands and now this…booo


I have been in the store in Downtown Disney a few times and liked it . I will be there in late May and will be sure to take some extra coins with me in case they have some great sales.


Not me, I am too busy dubbing my 8-tracks to cassets.


I heard that they might put a giant Mac (Like iPods, etc) store there…

I can’t remember where I read it, though.


I think we’ll see more and more music type stores close because of site like iTunes. I can’t remember the last CD I actually bought, I just download what I want now.

I’ve seen this information, including the date, on other sites so there must be some truth to it.


so sad that there is another victim of the economic downturn. So rubbish


:eek::eek: no were is safe :eek::eek:

and each country is blaming there government!! it’ s the Bank yes the Banks.

hope everyone starts to have better times soon:wub: