Bad experiences on rides?


Anyone else… well, basically, we were on Big Thunder Mountain on our last trip.

I really need to get over my loss of nerve. Years ago (before moving to DC, which really added a lot to my stress, and I think I’m still recovering from all that) I could ride Tower of Terror with no real problem. Now I struggle with Goofy’s Barnstormer. Yes, literally.

We love Splash Mountain. My memories of Big Thunder were that it wasn’t much worse.

OMG. Cubby and I were both nervous wrecks on Big Thunder. We want to overcome this. For me, for example, it was terrifying in a nonstop-fearful-praying way. (Like, literally praying it’ll be over soon…)

Has anyone else ever ridden something at WDW and felt scared and shaken afterward? And/or then learned to overcome that fear?

For me it’s weird because I remember not being this way. :crying: And I want to get over that fear…



David, maybe this story will help – we ride BTMRR back-to-back-to-back as much as we can. And recently, we have begun to see a funny trend. People take plastic glasses of water on the ride with them! And they try and get through the ride without spilling. It is hilarious, and they usually end up at the end with glasses full of water! Maybe if you think of that, you will be less scared!

I am too scared to try RnRC. I have made it to the point where I am next to get into a car, but then the cars in front of me lauch off into the dark tunnel, and I go running for the door. So you are totally not alone!

We have always told the kids that all the rides are Disney Magic, and that Mickey would never let anything happen to them. As a result, they are fearless and will ride anything.

Ask yourself, what are you scared of? What do you think will happen that you need to be fearful of? And then check it out online and see if it has ever happened before. It probably hasn’t, and that might make you feel much more secure!

Warmest wishes as you conquer this! You can do it!


I dont have any problems with fear but my husband is so tall that on RnR when it took off it hurt his neck and he has not wanted to ride it since- he is afraid of the same thing happening. I dont care to ride MS because it was fine to experience but I did not care for how I felt afterwards. I think I am ultimately afraid that I could be one of those that gets sick on a ride.


I have a terrible fear of big drops on rides. I don’t even go to the HUGE theme park close to us anymore because of this. It is a waste for me, and I would rather Rlander take the kids and have fun, and not think of me sitting on the bench. I have ridden almost all of the rides there… but just can’t get over the fear I developed in adulthood. I want too though!

I DID get over my fear of ToT though-!!

Ultimately what did it for me was… DISNEY is so special to our family, and I didn’t want my kids to look back and say… oh mom never road this with us, OR she was afraid, OR we wish you would have ridden it… etc. So I did it. AND… It wasn’t so bad. I was terrified and I STILL scream like a baby every time, but I ride it anyway.


Yeah, the dip in the POTC ride scares me and I get nervous and jittery until the dip is over and then I am okay, lol. But I am sure that is not wha you are talking about.


There are rides at other parks that I will not go on again, but I feel safe with most Disney rides. I will never go on MS again, as it made me feel awful! It was the more intense version and I just couldn’t handle it physically. I think if your body reacts physically to a ride then you probably shouldn’t ride it. Of course, you need to figure out if the physical reaction is based on fear or not.


I am scared of heights, loops, and big drops…however I force myself to go on the rides. I work myself up so much before I get on that I am more focused on my own fear than the ride itself. Then when it is over I always think “you were freaking out over that??”. Then realize how fun it is. But I still do it everytime for every ride. We have 2 huge themeparks close to me and I have been on every ride there, but it is still the same process.


I don’t have a fear per say, but I am afraid of feeling motion sickness for the next hour after going on certain rides. When I was younger, back in the day:laugh: , I could ride anything and it didn’t bother me. Then a couple of years ago when I rode Test Track, I came off feeling very shaky. Then last year I rode Goofy’s Barnstormer with my daughter in the very front position and the same thing happened:ohmy: . But then I can ride Soarin’ and Splash Mountain without any problems:confused: . I guess it’s just a part of getting older!!


The funny thing about me is that I can ride things like ToT and RnR without any problem, but I get that horrible “get me off this thing” feeling on silly things like Dumbo. I don’t mind speed or loops or drops, but I hate the feeling of dangling in the air like you do on Dumbo and Aladdin. It is so bizarre.


The Astro Orbiter is a little scary to me… OK a lot scary to me. I first went on when DD was a tiny munchkin, and I just felt we were going way too fast for such a tiny kid to be on! Never got past it… Maybe we’ll give it a whirl again now that she is a teenager and way taller than I am!


first time i rode BTM i screamed like a girl [ ok i am a girl but you get the point} we had the chance to ride it again right after without getting off. i got off my family stayed on… i have ridden it since and still scream but in a happy im loving it kind of way… HOWEVER in september my DH and i went alone he loves soarin… i got all the way up to the seat. got strapped in and freaked they had to let me off. so embarressing. I just cant bring myself to do this ride no matter how wonderfull they tell me it is. but i dont do TOT or RNC either…


Um, dude.

Fear is the mindkiller…

If you want to be scared on Big Thunder…

Ride it at night.

During the day, suddenly not so bad…


I had a similar experience on the mild version of Mission Space.I rode it a few times and was fine.I sat in the seat against the door.The next trip, we rode and I was on the inside.As soon as the ride started, I had a panic attack!I started sweating and really wanted to punch my way out of that sardine can! I talked myself through it and when we got out, I was weak for a few minutes.The next trip,I decided to try again.In line I decided that I would ask the CM to let me use the chicken exit.I talked myself into trying again.I sat on the end.I felt the same feeling again! Just as I was getting ready to scream Get ME Out!, the door closed! I made it through but thank God for that cool air blowing on you.I am not sure if I will try again in April because I really want to beat this thing. The only ride left for me to try is EE. I plan on that in April.If I feel any doubt about MS, I will not do it.The idea is fun not stress.I understand
how you feel. Good luck and remember to do what is best for you and have fun!


Everyone’s fears are different.

At WDW the only attraction I will never ride again - or let my family ride - is Mission:Space - and it’s precisely because of the deaths that have occurred. I just think it’s too intense - and who knows if you have an unforeseen health problem. I’ve done it three times and the last time really shook me up. Don’t ask me if it was psychological or not - but my head felt weird and my heart was pounding. Never again. Fortunately, as a family, we’ve agreed on this. It’s just plain scary to us because of the unknown effects on the body.

I’ll ride any rollercoaster at WDW but I’m no fan of those huge ones in other amusement parks. I can easily pass them up. If something isn’t for you, unless it’s really important that you conquer your fear of it, I say pass it up. Life’s too short. Sometimes I think I’d be perfectly happy at WDW not doing any of the rides. Just the shows, resort, restaurants, spas, etc.


It should pass. If not mention it to your Dr. it sounds like anxiety.


My Dad is the same way with Soarin. We rode it at California Adventure for the first time and he waited with us in line for over an hour, but when we got to the front of the line and into the room with the screen he said he didn’t want to go and he waited outside. My mom and I loved it and afterwards told him he would love it too, but there wasn’t time to do it again that trip.

Then a few years ago in WDW, we got FPs for all of us to do Soarin, we got to the entrance to the line and he chickened out again. He said he doesn’t like that the sign reads things about “fast drops, dips and turns” and he had a bad motion sickness issue on Back to the Future about 10 years ago (he hated the part where the car teeters on the edge of the building). My mom and I tried to tell him that Soarin is really not like that at all, but he just can’t bring himself to do it. He does all the other big rides, but not Soarin.

My mom is hoping to get him on it on our next trip.


I’ve always had anxiety on rides as far back as I remember so I alway avoided them. My husband and son too. We even live right near a major theme park and never go.

But about 4 years ago we went to WDW with our kids and my daughter’s friend was vacationing there at the same time as us. My daughter would get calls from her friend asking if she went on this or went on that. I felt so bad for my daughter that we didn’t go on the rides and I didn’t want her to feel like she missed out on all the fun her friend was having. So I sucked it up, took some Dranamine, tried to keep my anxiety under control and hopped on some rides with her. Nothng huge - tea cups, WTP, Dumbo, Snow White, Buzz, etc. My daughter was thrilled.

When we returned home my we asked my daughter’s friend what rides she went on and found out she hardly went on a thing.:laugh:

Since then, every year we try and add one more ride as our goal to do.
I am so scared when we approach the ride but I keep remind myself to look at all the people leaving the ride and nothing bad happened to them.
First it was SM (which I wanted out when we were floating at the top of the mountain), then Dinosaur (we screamed the whole way through it), we haven’t picked one out for this year yet. We were scared but did it and even though we wanted to get off during it we were happy and very proud of ourselves that we did it when it was over.

I am still scared but by starting small and trying to conquer my own fear I am enjoying some good bonding time with my daughter now. :heart:


Once we were on SM and it stopped in the middle of the ride. My worst fear is that while on a roller coaster it stops and I have to walk down or get out of my seat. I am scared to death of heights. So after about 5 minutes (which felt like hours) we were off and ready to ride. All in all it wasn’t that bad. At the moment, I was terrified though.


Thank you! :happy: It’s not so much a rational fear as much as an emotional reaction of “OHMYGODIFEELLIKEI’MGOINGTOFLYOUTOFTHECAR GODPLEASEMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOPMAKEITSTOP” etc. And again it wasn’t like this – I’d gotten over some fears years ago – till I was in DC for a while. :glare: That place really messed me up.

(Let’s put it this way – on one of our early trips when we moved back down to Florida, I was saying to Cubby that we’d need to have the new Passporter pages mailed to our new Florida address – and then I just lost it and broke down in tears because deep down, up in DC (when I was looking for Florida jobs without success from 1000 miles away), I’d started to genuinely despair of escaping DC and moving here, but I couldn’t let him see that, or let myself see it too much either I suspect. And I realized we were really here, in Florida to stay, etc. but I’d been holding back a flood of emotion without knowing it. “Oh my God, we’re really here, we’re here at last, I was so scared we’d just die up there…” etc. I know some people like living there, but DC was a very, very, very bad place for us, apart from meeting each other and a tiny number of friends – which was half the problem, people were so unfriendly in general up there and we felt so isolated. Day to day life was basically miserable for both of us, which is one reason Disney was so critical in our lives – it was almost the only thing we looked forward to. Now, while we still love Disney, being back at home for me and in his new home for Cubby is so, so, so, so wonderful. “Auntie Em! Auntie Am! There’s no place like home!” … ahem – and while we’re still “new” back here in Florida, and only in Tampa Bay since July, we have more of a support system of friends in less than a year than I had in seven years and Cubby had all his life up there in DC…)

So there is probably a lot of long-term stress to still get over which has heightened my likelihood of panic in a situation like that. It’s gradually dying down, I think. :blush: I think Cubby’s feelings are from different roots and he can talk about that for himself. :happy:



Um… this may have been part of the problem, too. :blush: We did!!!