Bad Kitties, Free Cakes, Everest Adventures and Such - Oh My


Well, after reading Nutty’s Report (I hear it’s being made into a mini-series next winter) I thought I better get started.

The scene is set:

Neil - Dazed and Confused - thought he was meeting Pu$$y Cat Dolls:crying:
Janice - Bad Kitty & Cult Member
Sarah - Little Miss Bossy (first week)
Emily - Little Miss Chatterbox (second week)

So - after countless phone calls the week before we left from Kitties gone wild in WDW, we were packed (I won’t tell Dana at what time I was packing) and all ready for our trip - Sept. 1/07. We had to leave the house at 4:30 a.m. - but it wasn’t too bad. We all woke up - and had to drag Emily out of bed to drive us to the airport - which is only 10 minutes from the house, so she was back in bed asleep before we went through security. No problems at our airport - we were through in about 5 minutes and proceeded to Tim Horton’s for a coffee and cinny bun, which Neil and I shared. Sarah said she wasn’t hungry. On the plane and off to Toronto. West Jet. Good airlines. TV’s in the seats - but I actually got in some more sleep on the 2 1/2 hour flight. I was amazingly calm - which made me nervous. Arrived on time in Toronto - Toronto has just built a new part to their airport - evidently to save money, they decided not to put up any signs. So, basically, you don’t have a clue where you’re going. Finally, after asking 5 or 6 smiling, helpful employees (NOT) we found our way to the right carousel, to pick up our luggage and proceed through customs. Not a problem I thought. We had at least an hour. Then we saw the line-ups!!! There was NO WAY we were getting through that line-up in less than an hour. AND to add insult to injury - they were pulling all the Americans out of the line and allowing them to go through a different line in less than HALF the time. Nothing like being treated like a second-class citizen in your own country.:glare: The minutes were ticking away. No one could give us any answers. They’re not allowed to tell us if the plane has left. HUH??? - Finally, we found a guy who listened to our plight and let us and several others go through the American line. Why couldn’t they have done that before? ANYWAY by this time our plane was officially left - but we got through customs. Put our baggage on the conveyer belt - NOTHING - the conveyer belt was out of order. Somehow Neil found some woman employee wandering around, explained the plight and she said - just go - they’re waiting for you - don’t worry about the luggage - (to this day I can’t figure out how she knew they were waiting - no one else did). Well after running (thank god for Curves) to Gate 27 - we were met by a smiling ticket agent who told us just to relax and breathe and get on the plane. I was so thankful that they waited. Settled in my seat I looked out the window and saw the baggage guy actually THROW our luggage on to the plane:laugh: the conveyer belt had already been driven away. Well, I didn’t know how it would be when we got to Orlando, but at least we knew it was on the plane. Turns out five more people got on after us - all of us complaining loudly about the terrible customs procedure. But, I didn’t care. I had a window seat and my tv and tennis was on. What more could I ask for? I was on my way to the meeting of the Founding Mothers. I sat back and relaxed, watched tennis and the 3 hours passed quickly. Once we got to Orlando everything was super smooth - last luggage on, first luggage off. Sarah and I waited for the luggage while Neil went to get the car - all they had left were vans, so we took one, which turned out to be a very good thing. Out of the airport. The usual “do you remember which way we go?” No, I thought you did…anyway, finally made it to Publix. For some reason my darling husband goes mad in Publix. He was buying enough food for a month - but after we staggered out with about 20 bags, we were on our way to Saratoga Springs (first getting a subway - we really hadn’t eaten all day - I refuse to buy food on planes on principle). So past those lovely purple and red signs that tell me I’m home. Past the smiling guard who tells me “Welcome Home”. Into the lobby where we’re welcomed again. AHHHH - you almost feel the loving arms of Mickey surround you - of course dh has to preface this with "his lovng arms surrounding you and his hand dipping in your pocket.:happy: He’s such a philistine.:glare: Checked in and we were in The Paddock. I was hoping for Congress Park, but we had a nice view of the fountain and it was very quiet - so I was happy. So, now it was my job to track down the kitties. We had only brought one cell phone - don’t ask me why - this is dh’s logic - two computers and one cell phone. I’ve stopped questioning it a long time ago. So me - thinking ahead - had bought a phone card (which came in darn handy) and proceeded to phone Dana - no answer, so I phoned Nutty - no answer, but I left a message. (a rather garbled one, I admit). I knew they were going to be a MGM at Mama Melrose’s for dinner, so off we went. We were just through the gate when the phone rang - it was Madame President herself!!! They had finished dinner and were at the Miss Piggy fountain. Neil & Sarah were hot to ride ToT, so they went to get fast passes (none left for R&R) and I raced my way through the park - I’d never seen Nutty except in some pics and it had been years since I saw Dana - I was wondering if I could find them - but almost instantly I saw her - not changed at all - still all that beautiful blonde hair. We spotted each other at the same time. Huge hug! The girl swept me off my feet- literally! Oh - it was SO GOOD to see her again. And when she finally let me down - there they were - NUTTY and the BEAR. Bear hugs all around. Nutty - SO Nutty - and Bear so sweet and quiet and serene. I loved them both instantly. Talk, talk, talk! And then little Sara - but little Sara no more! She was only a little girl last time I saw her - now a teenager - so pretty - such a really sweet face. Then Neil & Sarah showed up. Intros all around. And we head back toward T0T. Now, this is where I begin to worry - Neil is SO BOSSY and he’s directing everyone and I’m thinking - oh god, they’ll hate me for having him doing all the planning, but to be fair, Sarah’s fav. ride is ToT and she really wanted to it. You know what that first hit of your first park is like - you just have to get on something. So, while the others waited (and I worried), we did ToT. Terrific as usual and a great start. The others waited so patiently and then we went over to TGMR. Nutty and Bear joined us, but Dana and Sara opted out. I was feeling SO guilty now! It’s hard trying to walk that line between your family and friends. After TGMR. (Has the cowboy gone for good?), we met up again. And that “hit the wall” feeling came over us. We’d been travelling since 4:30 and now it was about 7. I just didn’t think we could manage Fantasmic - but Nutty and Bear went. First good reason to have the van - we were able to drive Dana & Sara back to POFQ - Dana was looking very tired. We arranged to pick them up in the morning for breakfast with Stitch & then go and pick up Nutty & Bear - they had been having bad luck with transportation, so I was glad that we were able to get them instead of them having to wait for another bus. So home to SSR - where Dana immediately calls, worrying that she was rude because she didn’t come home with us for a drink. After telling her to CHILL I assured her I was NOT upset at all and to get a good night’s sleep. Sarah went to sleep almost immediately - complaining of a tickle in her throat - uh-oh - not a good omen. I unpacked. Ate some of the million tons of food Neil had bought and went to bed too. We were soon all fast asleep, with a wake-up call for 6:45. And that was our first day.


wow - what a 1st day!! you will have the rest finished tomorrow, so I can read it all before i leave on friday, right? please and thank you!!


Oh, and a good day it was.

You were so calm on the flight, it made you nervous??? :laugh:


Oh, yes.

Believe it.

It made perfect sense – I know EXACTLY the feeling llama’s talking about. Chances are, you do too; it frequently has something to do with waiting for shoes to drop, calms before storms, that kind of thing.

Carry on, llama dear. :happy: And Dopey, stop looking at me like that. :ph34r: :laugh:


Just so you all know…llama gives wonderful hugs!:wub:


Absolutely correct my dear Voldy - never get too smug about things going right. Murphy’s Law and all that.


I read that twice. You didn’t mention me once.


I mentioned you about 7 times…and still nobody knows who you are.


Well, you’re such huggable people.:happy:

Okey-dokey - Day 2.

Stitch gives us a call at 6:45, which Sarah of course has to answer. She says he sounds wilder than ever. We get our act together,and are out of the suite by 7:30 to pick up Dana and Sara, who were ready and waiting for us. The to the Pop to get Nutty & The Bear (honestly, don’t you think that would be a great name for a tv program? Nutty & The Bear. Love it. So, having the van was a good thing. Off to the Poly - LOVE the Poly atmosphere, with a wave to Ginger…well, heck, you guys know all this from Dana & Nutty’s reports. Breakfast was fun. Stitch was wild. You’ve seen the pictures. Only little flaw was that Sarah had woken up with the definite signs of a cold coming on. After breakfast we took the monorail to the MK and YES - Neil left the car at the Poly.:laugh: Poor Dana. It just about killed her - but Neil doesn’t have a Mousebuzz conscience and he looked at us like we had two heads when we suggested moving it to the MK parking lot. And since he was the only one who could drive the car - well, what could we do?:laugh: We had to assist Dana on the monorail, assuring her it would be fine…:laugh:

So - my first look at the Castle.:wub: And onward to SM. Now on top of the whole illicit parking thing, Dana had to contend with another ride down the mountain and since she got soaked the last time, she didn’t want to go. You do not say the words “don’t want to go” to Neil. Not acceptable. And on she went - the big yellow blob in the back.:laugh: I have to admit it’s a bit creepy that Nutty knows EVERY word in the whole ride. Uh-huh.:blink: But the poncho kept Dana dry, so that’s all that mattered. Sara didn’t want to do Big Thunder, so we did it with the Delaware gang. Meanwhile, while waiting in line, Sarah kept telling me she felt worse and worse. She wasn’t in the best of moods. After BTM we met up with Dana & Sara (Dana was still smarting from the nasty CM at the McDonald’s stand). We decided to go our own ways and then meet up for dinner at the Rose & Crown. We did a few more things at the MK - but by about noon Sarah was really feeling sick, so we had lunch at Columbia Harbour House. Tuna sandwich:wub: and then took the monorail back to the Poly to pick up the car - yes it hadn’t been towed:laugh: and headed back to SSR. As soon as we got back, Sarah went to bed and fell asleep. Neil and I just kinda hung around the resort - honestly, I can’t remember what we did. Probably ate more of the million tons of food we had.:glare: At about 4 Sarah woke up, and although she wasn’t feeling well at all, we got ready to go to Epcot. Me to meet up with the Bad Kitties, Neil and Sarah to try to do some of Future World. Epcot is my favourite park and Spaceship Earth is MY ride. With it down, it just didn’t feel the same. And I’m all for the “classic” and stuff, but I missed the big Mickey hand - it just looked kinda “blah” to me. So we headed over to the Living Seas to do the little Nemo ride, because we knew it would move quickly. I know some MBers think it’s kinda lame - but I like it - I think it’s cute. We stopped for a couple of minutes to watch the sea gulls outside - they break us up and then I left Neil & Sarah and headed to The Rose & Crown. Nutty and the Bear were sitting on a bench outside the restaurant. We had a good time talking and people watching and making hugely amusing comments,(well, we thought they were) while waiting for Dana & Sara.

I was just enjoying their company so much. As it’s obvious to everyone here, Nutty is unbelievably sharp and intelligent and funny all rolled into one. I could talk to her for hours and Bear - although she starts out quiet shows that she’s quickly one extremely cool lady! With lots of stories to tell! I was enjoying myself IMMENSELY with them. After a bit Dana (wearing an extremely cute sundress and Sara appear) and we all troop into the restaurant. Well - you’ve heard the story of our dinner from Dana’s report - not the greatest dinner of our lives, made worse because we were so looking forward to it. I was concerned about Dana - she looked so stressed and I was getting pretty stressed too about that DARN cake! We’d REALLY wanted to have that cake to celebrate Bear’s birthday. I still can’t figure out who was responsible for that whole fiasco - our waitres was sweet, but she looked like she was going to burst into tears any minute, no cake appeared, so we had to sit there feeling ridiculous while watching Bear eat her Sticky Pudding dessert (which btw was fantastic, she gave me a taste). BUT NO CAKE! FINALLY, it showed up - no candles, no happy birthday, NO GOOFY which we specifically had ordered. Of course, no one could eat it, because we were all full - so it was like - here Bear look at your cake, now box it up. It was REALLY upsetting. The restaurant was unbelievably noisy, the food - meh! Dana (now I find out the whole story of the claustrophobia) was looking like she could cry - so we packed her and Sara off on the bus and TRIED to take care of the bill - which took at least a half hour. Now, I’m a nice person, I felt terrible for our waitress, but honestly - it was the most frustrating time I’ve ever had in a WDW restaurant. Finally getting everything sorted, we bolted out of the restaurant (with boxed cake, of course:glare: ). And tried to get ahead of the crowds to catch the bus to the FQ to meet up with Dana for a few drinks. Well, it actually didn’t turn out too bad. The bus was right there, we got seats and had a terrific conversation all the way to the resort. The things you learn about a BEAR!!!:laugh: We arrived at FQ - still carrying cake box and headed for the pool area, where we found Sara almost in tears (you’ve heard of the earring situation). Dana showed up and performed surgery on her - what a brave kid - but you could tell she was in pain. At least we got to make some phone calls to Dopey and Voldy and Pep and R2G (whom I have decided to marry, simply for the Louisiana accent) and Boss - who was having a good time celebrating his birthday (liquid-wise). Unfortunately LMS wasn’t around, but it was great to talk to all of them. Well, after the fiasco of the night, we were all kinda just spent. We had a drink (Nutty introducing me to appletinis- which are waaay too good). But I was so worried about Dana. She just couldn’t seem to relax. It was getting later and I knew if there was any hope of convincing Neil to come get me I’d have to call him. I did - and he was asleep, but he came anyway - had a piece of Bear’s cake and then we said goodnight to Dana and Sara and drove Nutty & Bear back to the Pop. As most anticipated things it hadn’t gone the way we wished - what ever does - but I was so happy to meet everyone there. I wished we had had more time together. I can’t believe what terrific people they all are. We got back to SSR about midnight. Day 2 over.


Day one sounds good…can’t believe you had such a hard time at customs, though!!!

Can’t wait to hear more!


Oh I am so glad you started this trip report! I am really looking forward to reading it. :happy:


Sounds like a great time so far but we need pics


Finally Llama! I was wondering when you would start your TR.

I hear you on the TO airport - it SUCKS. Highest taxed airport in the world, bad service, weird rules/exceptions… don’t even get me started! lol


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: Oh how true!!:wink:


Hey there… loving your TR… sorry to hear about your airport saga…
can’t wait to hear more.


Well, she asked for and got a cherry pie. She asked for and got presented with a nice slice of it, Doughnut made coffee and look what happened.
She made off with the goodies, probably never to be seen again :dry:


She went to get the cream and sugar… she’ll be back… 'kay…


Your TR is going great. I think Nemo is cute too. I can be entertained by the seagulls for awhile.


you are a superb storyteller!! it’s almost as if i can hear you and it’s just all rolling out with ease and eloquence. great TR… now show us some pics :pirate:


OH, I see – she made a new friend :dry:
I bet she told you the whole trip report over the phone or something, that’s why you’re not waiting for more :laugh: