BAD news concerning Carousel of Progress


Word is going around that Carousel of Progress will very like close permanently at WDW and get completely scrapped. In fact, there’s currently a thread on the News and Rumors forum about this. Jim Hill has even hinted this, saying that its very likely that “Toy Story’s little green men will mostly likely be moving into Tomorrowland’s theater-go-round building – offering WDW visitors flying saucer driving lessons – sometime in late 2007 / early 2008”. This was evidenced by the Halloween decorations placed by Carousel of Progress last Halloween of the green aliens from Toy Story. Even Jacob M. Addison (founder of believes that the closure of CoP "is inevitable at this point!

To make matters worse, Carousel of Progress is currently open seasonally and during limited hours, and much of the attraction has fallen into disrepair. This gives further evidence of CoP’s eventual closure. IMHO, permanently closing and scrapping Carousel of Progress would be a great disrespect to Walt Disney and his legacy, especially since CoP was an attraction he personally created and conceived of himself, and even pitched in the theme song by singing it with the song’s writers, the Sherman Brothers! It would be a sad day to have the strains of [I]There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow[/I] silenced forever, at the very least! :frown: :mad: :crying: :nuke: :fork_off:

Any thoughts? (I know there should be!)


this attraction has always been a fav. of mine, I think because it was truly walt’s creation. I would hate to see it go.


I am upset about that. But I guess there must be change and it needs to start somewhere. Maybe they’ll move CoP to the Smithsonian?

I saw it for the first time last November and really enjoyed it’s oldfashioned flavor. I would miss it.


Sorry to say I have never been on the CoP. I know a lot of people consider it a sentimental fave. What a shame!


This was my grandfather’s favorite attraction. I will be very sad to see it go. The entire CoP reminds me so much of my grandfather that I have to go on it everytime I am in Disney. Excuse me please while I go and cry… :crying: :crying:


I’m so happy we got to see it on our trip in Feb… It was great to see the classic. My 4 year old really loved it and continues to occansionally break into the theme song. I told her we were very lucky to get to see it and TK.


I just love that catchy little tune!


The CoP will always have a special place with my family. One of the true Disney “classic attractions” that has embodied the spirit of Walt himself. It will be a sad day indeed to see its final curtain.

I can accept the fact that there is an inevitable need for change, for this and other attractions. I am bothered the most when there is no replacement or it is is poor and doesn’t add to the Disney experience much like the original. Whether one has seen the original attractions or not, we always risk loosing something when an attraction closes.

The track record of the MK, to me, has been mostly not to replace a closed attraction:
20K - no replacement (Ariel’s Grotto / Character Meet-n-greet doesn’t count)
Skyway - no replacement
Plaza Swan Boats - no replacement
PoC House of Treasure - no replacement (storage area) *** A real pet peeve of mine ***
Mr. Toads Wild Ride - Pooh (A good replacement IMHO)
If You Had Wings (Eastern Airlines) --> Dreamflight (Delta) --> Buzz Lightyear (Mostly a good replacement for kids IMHO)
Addition of Aladin’s Magic Carpets - (Detracts from the natural Adventureland theme IMHO - another Dumbo type ride



I was only in TL the nite of MNSSHP last year, so I missed this attraction! :mad:
I was just asking a co-worker what this was!!!
When are they taking it down?


I know we need progress but this is such a symbol of Walt. I am luck enough to get to see this every trip because we go during the summer. My 6 year old likes it and would also be sad to lose it.


Oh,how terrible!!!


It was open in January, and was popular with my DS and DFather. It breaks my heart that they would even consider taking this attraction, Walt’s favorite, and the ride my DS and DFather considered “thier ride”, down.

I really hope this doesn’t go past rumor status. :sad:


I think the ride is outdated but needs a major overhaul, not Little Green Men. Maybe they could make a Walt Animatronic and showcase Disney history throughout the years.


Unbelievable. It’s not just that the song is catchy and it’s a cute attraction. It is truly a classic, in my opinion. Hello! it is the carousel of PROGRESS! So, it makes sense to keep adding to it with new generations and innovations, but don’t remove it all together. There is no sense of history anymore. Next they’ll be removing the haunted mansion or spaceship earth–all these things that are just classic disney world…grr :pirate: :noo:


This is the way of Disney of late. When something gets old or dated, they get rid of it. I believe in change, but they are getting rid of the classics. Change is not always good: Imagination rides.
I am hoping this is only a rumor.


The last time I was at WDW…I was lucky to go on it and I noticed that there may have been 8 other people in there with me, which includes my three brothers. I love this show and it is a disney treasure. I am sure Walt will be rolling in his grade if and when this happens. At least there will always be the memories…change is bad in many cases…like this one, horizons, journey, …the list goes on and on…PLEASE, IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THIS ATTRACTION AND YOU ARE GOING TO DISNEY SOON, MAKE SURE TO CHECK IT OUT. YOU WILL NOT BE LET DOWN AND WALT AND THE RIDE WILL BE HONORED WITH YOUR ATTENDANCE!


Oh darn…I wish I did this when we were there last month. DH said it will always be here…


Everytime I think of CoP, I think of this story. It’s a very moving story about the man who was the model for the father and his widow finally getting to see his long-gone image.


Wow! That was a great and emotional story…thanks! Now I really don’t want it to see an end!:frowning:


The CoP brings back WONDERFUL teenage memories for me of our Grad Night at Disney. We were SOO exhausted by the end of the evening (which was actually the early morning near 4am!), but still giddy and giggily teenagers, that we just rode CoP over and over and then sang the song for the rest of the trip! It’s such a classic ride with such a catchy tune…I would be terribly sad to see it go as it does bring back such great memories for me!!