Bad news


Just found out that we will not be able to be in Florida over Christmas. It’s a long story about sports schedules, and I am really bummed out about it. I have to call DVC today to cancel our perfect room and to find out what happens to those points now. I am so scared we are going to lose the points.

So we are back to the original date of August 2009 for our first WDW trip as DVC members.

:crying: :crying: :crying:


I’m so sorry to hear about your cancelled trip. Those darn sport schedules ruining vacation time. Hopefully, you won’t lose your points. I’m sure many would want to buy them from you for those times.


awe Miss Disney that Stinks … If they say you will lose them you might think of renting out your points so that way at least someone gets to use them and you get them paid for


Are these banked points and what is your use year?


ahh… so sorry to hear that.


Just checked the DVC site, and it looks as if the points would be returned to the account. Now I have to see if there is still time to still bank them.

I may be able to put something together for February break if there are any good rooms left, even though February is not my favorite time to be at WDW. Our whole schedule is a mess.


oh no!! That is such a shame. :sad: I am so so so sorry MissDisney!


Don’t worry. You’ll still be on a high after our visit in November, so you won’t notice!!:biggrin:


Im sorry! That is very disappointing- especially when its a big trip like that! Dont you have at least 30 days to cancel? You can always rent them out and put the rent money into an account for your next trip- that way you have that part taken care of and you might be able to do a bigger trip? Im so sorry that you have to lose the plans!


so sorry, i know you must be so disappointed.


I’m so sorry you have to cancel your trip. I hope you can plan another trip and hopefully get to go next Christmas.

I think you’ll be ok with your points since you’re more than 31 days out. What use year so you have?


Crap. I’d be big time bumming, too. But hang on to the happy planning thoughts you still have for August 2009!! It’s better than nothing. Trust me, I know. :crying:


Well that’s just rotten!:angry:

I’m so sorry! Tell them you’ll run around WDW - that’s sports-like.

As DT said, you’re far enough out - you shouldn’t have a problem with the points.


Oh MissD, how disappointing. I can only imagine how sad you feel. :crying: Just think how nice and special your 09 trip will be. Maybe even a longer trip?


Oh no!!! Just leave that silly family behind and go alone! :laugh:


No, don’t go alone, take some MB family along.


I am sorry to hear that. I hope you can still use your points or rent them out.


So sorry to hear that you’ll have to cancel your December trip:(


Oh MissDis, that is a bummer!!! :crying: I agree with Bella…leave the others behind and go alone! :happy:


I am so sorry you had to cancel your trip. That’s terrible. As many have already said, the points can be rented…what’s a little banked money for your summer trip going to hurt? Still…I know you must be really disappointed…stupid sports:mad: