Bag to carry in park


I just bought a bag at target to carry while i am in the parks & am so excited I had to share!! It was in the luggage dept., next to fanny packs. it is a sling, with 2 pockets. It even has a spot to put your ipod and a place to put the earbuds through, so you don’t have wires everywhere (not an issue for me as I am too old and out of touch to even own an ipod -lol)! It only came in black (ok by me), and was less than $15!

I had been searching for a purse/backpack to carry in the parks, just for vid camera, tix, wallet, phone, etc. We are taking a stroller, so big stuff will go in basket, but I wanted something to keep on me that has the important stuff.

Hope this can help someone else searching for a bag.


That is great. I am planning on taking my fanny pack with an additional bag.

Have fun in DISNEY!


Im looking for a good bag to carry all my baby things, something insulated but something big enough to fit everything else. Just cant seem to find anything good.:huh:



It was great! I used a big safety pin to ‘lock’ it closed. Not so much that I am worried someone will open it as I am that I will forget to close it all the way and drop my wallet :pinch: (yeah, been there before :blush: )

I will be taking it to WDW too. It was comfortable to wear and you don’t have to take it off on the rides, just pull the bag part around to the front of you. It was a great find and I hope you like using it :mickey:


um… I just go to dtd and buy me a new bag the first nt i get there :biggrin:

But target has some great bags, I found this great bag @ the sport dpt in walmart that is great too…only $9 and its like a mini backpack that u use for camping…


Thanks, I have a fanny pack but sometimes don’t feel like using it so this sounds like a good alternative. Will try to check it out tomorrow before our trip to Dallas Wed.


What brand is the bag? I’d like to try to find it for my next trip. Thanks for the info!


That’s awesome! I am sick of being a fanny pack-er :pinch: LOL…so I would like to find a different type of bag next time I go to WDW! I bet a sling bag would be really comfy and hold just the right amount of stuff! Thanks for the tip.


I am not seeing the brand on the bag :huh: I remember it was hanging with the bathroom organizers, fanny packs and travel wallets. I believe the cardboard it was attatched to was white with black lettering. Here is a photo of mine


Thanks! I’m trying to keep from using a fanny pack or back pack. Something like this would be perfect for my phone and camera, but not be too bulky.


Thanks for the pic. I looks to be just the right size - not too big, not too small.


dw likes to carry the little coach bag. it is flat, and goes over the shoulder and across the chest. it holds everything…


I’ve found that the one shoulder slings (like posted) are great. That’s all I’ll use on park trips. I have a larger one, that’s Adidas and has a super padded strap. It’s amazing.


I don’t know the name of this bag, sorry! It was with the luggage, and was the only one of its kind there. I am so excited - we leave 09/30 - coming up fast! Now, I just need to start packing!


looks like it would be good for getting on and off rides!


I’ve been looking for an alternative to a fanny pack (my fanny is large enough as it is). And the Old Navy bag I grabbed for our London trip last year is falling apart (was on sale for $4.99 so I got my money’s worth!).

The sling bag looks like a real contender…sounds like a trip to Target is in my lunch plans for tomorrow. Thanks so much for posting the hint and the picture.