Bake Potatoes


Need some help. When we first went to WDW back in the late 1989 and early 1990’s I thought that you could get a bake potatoe in the sunshine food court in The Land. I think it was the booth closest to the Lay of the Land ride. Am I wrong?


I almost think I recall seeing this counter in 2002.
You just need to keep in mind that they completely redid the food court in The Land at the same time they built Soarin’.


You absolutely could! It was my favourite lunch! They had baked potatoes with all sorts of different toppings. I remember that broccoli and cheese was my favourite. They also had chili topping…don’t remember what else. Sadly, it not longer exists.


It was my DH and DD’s favourite too! They used to just love the bacon bits topping on the cheese potato. It was so popular, I am so surprised it went after the renovation.


Thanks guys. I was beginning to think my mind was going on me again. I had so many brain freezes lately about WDW


Wish they still had these, they sound delicious.


I remember that…too bad it is gone…one of my favorites


You are correct & it was wonderful! I love potatoes! When I was little I also loved the pizza and pasta place that used to be located where the lobby of Character Connection is now.