Balance (USD) Due: $0.00


Just finished paying it off and it feels so good to see a zero balance that I had to share! :goofybounce: I think I have worn out the ME booklet.


2 weeks! Have fun. Get all the rides working for me!


I wish I could fix BTMR but I doubt they will let me over the fence. :angry:


Yeah! Now you can enjoy your trip even more!!


Congratulations. Feels great, don’it?


Way to go. It is a nice feeling once the bill is paid.


I’m thinking I should go on the Dave Ramsey show. “I’m Disney-debt free!”


Disney-debt-free, my favorite phrase. Congrats!


This is the best time… knowing that you have paid for something, and have yet to experience the thrill of it. Oh, the anticipation.


LOL… Have a blast!!


This will be our longest Disney stay (7 nights) and our first Disney only trip to Orlando. It was a unanimous family decision. No car this trip so we do not foresee leaving Disney property for a week! I’m not the least bit excited. :wink:


You will have so much fun, and not miss your car in the least. We do it every trip, and we drive to WDW! Have a great time.


Brilliant! Disney-debt-free definatly deserves a happy dance dances!


Sounds Great! As King Louie says Wan’na Be Like You :wink:


now you can breathe a sigh of relief and just let those shoulders drop! Congrats! xxx


Congrats to you!!! I love that paid-in-full feeling!!


congrats have a great time…yahooh


Aww yay! That’s fantastic.
8 days as well… can’t believe it! We’re still in triple digits!! It will soon come around though! :laugh: