Bali's May 2006 Trip Report


Finally! Here we go. It won’t be a long one, but I have a lot of pics to share. Enjoy!

Roomie and I had a wonderful jetBlue flight that left JFK and arrived at MCO on time to beautiful blue skies and sunshine. Our buddies at Quicksilver delivered us quickly to AKL where we were met by my mom and our family friend, Laura, who were vacationing with us. They’d already checked in earlier in the day and told us we had adjoining rooms—one with two queens and one with a queen and a bunk bed. Mom and Laura thought the bunk bed would be neat and Laura ended up sleeping on it the whole trip! Our rooms were about three miles down Zebra trail, but were beautiful and I can’t complain. We faced Arusha Savanna and were a short (I use that term relatively) distance from the pool, restaurants, spa, and fitness center.

We started the evening by watching some animals from our balconies, then we went down to the pool where Roomie and I got our first adult beverages of the vacation at the pool bar. We all settled into an empty Jacuzzi (spa, whirlpool, whatever…) and relaxed for a bit while twilight settled into night. Then we headed back to our rooms to throw on some clothes for dinner at Boma, which was wonderful. Thanks to the fantastic manager, Steve, our great server (also named Steve), and a sous chef named Allyson who created TJ’s famous South African delicacy—deep fried oreos—for us, we had a lovely dinner. TJ came out to visit us as well and made us promise to visit the next time we came for dinner. He’d surprised us with his “special dessert” the past two times we’d been at Boma for dinner, so this time we just asked for it! J All of the food was wonderful, as usual, and was an excellent beginning to the vacation.


Gracie’s protest!


Here we are on our way to the airport!! We’re excited, can you tell???


And here’s AKL!


AKL Lobby at night


LOL Bali! I love “Gracie’s Protest”. My kitties do the same thing whenever we’re packing!
Great TR so far…keep it coming!!!


I love your trip report, I can’t wait for more.


Wow, smart kitty!! hehe!


I love thiat picture of your cat !1 My Dog just loooks at me with sad eyes and puts her ears down, like here we go again !


I can’t wait to see more!!! Super start!!! :c)


Where’s the rest hmmmm?
Teasers only teasers :crying:

Funny cat!


I think you and I stayed in the same wing. I was right in that same section. It was a hike, but the view made up for it. I love you cat!! That was totally adorable. Can’t wait to hear more and see all those pictures.


Here are a few views from our room. This is looking back to the Lobby of the lodge.


And here’re a couple of giraffe friends that we got to know as the week went on.


We got to know the zebra, ankole cattle, giraffe, storks, and even a family of ducks including eight baby ducklings…


We got up early and caught the “Special Breakfast” bus to the Magic Kingdom at around 7:00am. We were the second family there (!) and had quite a wait before they let us through the turnstiles. We entered to the gloriously empty Magic Kingdom and took some great pictures before joining the throng waiting to check-in at the Crystal Palace. We met some great folks in line and before we knew it, Pooh and friends were calling us to our table. Pooh came over to see us immediately, followed quickly by Piglet, Eeyore, and Tigger. The characters were so sweet and wonderful, as usual, and we had a great time. Breakfast was really good, and since this was our second visit to the restaurant, we knew what wasn’t worth trying again.

After breakfast, we got an FP for Splash and took over Fantasyland, starting with Peter Pan and making the circle back to Philharmagic. From there, we got a Space Mountain FP, did Buzz, Carousel of Progress (where we got stuck and had to watch the same decades over and over again), the TTA, and Splash. We got our requisite Dole Whips (mmm!!) and then Roomie and I headed for the Poly while Mom and Laura went to ride Haunted Mansion.

Roomie and I took a leisurely boat ride to the Poly, got a couple of drinks at the pool bar, and settled into a cabana on the beach to wait for Mom and Laura to join us. Once we were all at the Poly, we headed up to ‘Ohana and checked in for dinner. We got a prime table by the window and thoroughly enjoyed dinner and the “show.”

Our plan was to spend the evening at the Epcot EMH and catch Illuminations, but most of us were exhausted and decided to head back to the hotel. We swam for a bit before crashing for the night!

Here’s a great pic of us at the “empty” MK!


Here is a pic of our footwear for the week!


Another morning pic of MK on Crystal Palace morning…


The view from our CP table…


Great report! Were those shoes really comfortable? I heard they were.