Bali's Trip-Report-In-Pictures: Switzerland


Here we go!

This is Montreaux–a town about an hour’s drive from Geneva, Switzerland. It also lies on Lake Geneva, or, as the Swiss call it, Lac Leman.


Another of Montreaux


Here’s Freddie Mercury with us as his back-up singers!


Here’s Geneva’s famous “flower clock.” They’ve updated it since I lived there–much more modern now…


A cool airplane pic


Here’s lovely Montreaux again


Geneva’s famous jet d’eau


Our hotel room view of the Jura Mountains



That is sooooo cool!

The closest I ever got to Switzerland was staying at the Swiss-Hote in Chicago one night…


Cheese offerings at the Plainpalais market


Great pictures bali! I especially love the Freddie Mercury statue! Is that the same statue featured on the cover to Queen’s “Made In Heaven” CD? :smile:


Here’s part of Geneva’s “Old Town”–the cobble-stoned, centuries-old section of the city that used to be completely walled-in. Just steps away from where I took this picture is the church in which John Calvin preached.

I had the opportunity to live in the middle building (the skinny one) for a while when I was doing youth ministry in Geneva five years ago.


Haven’t ever seen the CD, but I just looked it up on Amazon and it looks like the same place! We always visit Freddie–everytime we’re in Montreaux! He’s the first place we go.


Seeing your pictures reminds me of Austria!


Our cool hotel sink!!!


I’ve only driven through Austria–in the middle of the night :blink: --so I can’t concur based on that. But I bet it’s beautiful there if Switzerland reminds you of it!


Another photo of the Old town


One last one of Montreaux


Yes, Austria IS beautiful! We drove through Innsbruk, and then went to Salzburg for a while! We were on a trip to Bavaria! We went to Neuschwanstien Castle, Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest, and the Lake Chimsee (spelling?) resort area! This was when I was sent to Germany during Operation Enduring Freedom! Some really beautiful country out there! :smile:


These are giant chess boards by the University and near Plainpalais. You can sit for hours and watch old men and young students playing chess by moving the giant, plastic pieces from square to square.