Balloon grounded


Downtown Disney’s iconic balloon disappears after balloon accident Hong Kong -


That is not a problem for me. I am afraid of heights :blush:


I’ve been wanting to go up in that thing the last 3 trips, but everytime I went, it was closed down because of the wind. I read that it will be down for the rest of the year, but have hopes they’ll change their mind.


Me, too, Loretta. :glare: Guess I’ll have to do a real hot air balloon ride. :happy:


Nuts, this was on my “eventually” list.
Well, there’s still parasailing at Sammy Duval’s over at the Contemporary’s marina.


This is why you always bring your own hot air balloon!


If you get to the MK early enough you just need a lawn chair, some rope, and wade of cash to buy out all the balloon for sale on Main Street. Problem solved and it is a lot more portable than hauling your hot air balloon through bag check.


OK Carl Fredricksen, but that only works in cartoons.


Is this based on your personal experience?


Of course. Who doesn’t have their own hot air balloon? :confused:


Not the ballon, the hot air. Noce attempt to side step.


we got to do it at night last fall it was awesome.


Have missed out on doing this the last few trips and really sad I might not get to do it now! Hope they get it fixed and back up, it looked like so much fun!


I always thought that MAYBE I would try it, but my fear of heights has always stopped me from doing it. Oh well, I guess now I don’t have to worry about it.


I’ve done this in the daytime and I was hoping to do this at night this trip,but it don’t look like its going to happen.:sad:


I wouldn’t count it out yet. It may be up and running in a few weeks.