"Bambi" lives!


here’s an article about “Bambi” and “Bambi 2” that i just found on Yahoo! news:



I love Bambi! What a great classic Disney animated movie. I can’t wait to grab the DVD. I hope they do a good job with Bambi 2, the other second parts to the classics that they have made haven’t been all that great.


Great to hear about Bambi… I look forward to Bambi 2…Thanks for the info tragic312…ºoºJudy


you’re welcome. i just thought everyone would like to hear the good news.


Rafikiman & I were just talking the other day about wanting to watch Bambi again. Of course, it would have to be on VHS… We can’t wait! Thanks soooo much for the heads up tragic!


I hope they don’t edit the original!!! I wish they would bring back some of the other classics, like Jungle Book.


And Lady & the Tramp…


I wish all the movies were available, all the time. I really do not understand that one. All you are doing is building up, so that when you re-release it there is a mad dash of people buying, but if you left it out, then you would get that money over time.


i haven’t seen “Bambi” in so long. i’m really looking forward to its release on DVD. of course, the other classics, like “Jungle Book” and “Lady and the Tramp” i’m really looking forward to their release to DVD as well. i never saw JB and LATT before. my excitement on their releases will increase when the release dates draw near.


here’s an article i found off of ultimatedisney.com. it’s actually from USAToday.com.

Disney’s ‘Bambi’ will leap onto DVD

The Prince of the Forest and his foot-thumping pal are finally coming to DVD. Disney’s 1942 classic Bambi, stashed in the studio’s vaults for eight years, becomes available March 1 on a special two-DVD edition ($30; VHS, $25).

Digitally restored video and surround sound will transform the tale of the young deer and his long-eared buddy, Thumper, for home viewers, says Disney’s Gordon Ho. “It’s amazing how much more vivid and clear it looks from the color and clarity standpoint,” he says.

And animation buffs will fawn over one of the special features, “Walt’s Annotated Bambi,” which molds a vocal reading of the studio founder’s own notes from the film’s development with footage and production drawings. “Viewers will experience, firsthand, the production of Bambi as it is happening through Walt’s words,” Ho says.

Also included are additional scenes — in various stages of development — and a sneak peek at the upcoming Bambi II: Great Prince of the Forest, a direct-to-DVD feature in the works.

—Mike Snider