Bank of America


Hi All, hope this is the right place for this question. I was wondering when and why the B of A left main street? Ive tried looking it up on the net but found nothing and even yesterland has nothing which is very odd.


I don’t know for sure.

Just four years ago, you could stand in line, cash a check, and you’d have money money money! :pirate:

I think about two or three years ago either the Bank moved out, or the Annual Passholders moved in.

As of today, you can cash checks at City Hall.

A big difference from 1955, where the bank in Disneyland was one of the few banks open in Southern California on a Saturday…


I found this

Daveland Disneyland Bank of Main Street Photos

If i owned B of A i would have kept my bank there for bragging rights, what a loss for them.


There are some atm machines on the side of the new Gallery. If you need to cash checks, best bet is city hall.


As others said, City Hall will cash checks, deal with foreign currency and Disney Dollars of course, there is obviously the Bank of Main Street at the end of Main Street in the hub located on the left side of the Adventureland Entrance, but that is as we all know, is just the AP processing center in disguise, all real money matters have to be dealt with at Guest Relations at City Hall in Town Square, you can find Chase Bank ATMs located on the right side of the new Disney Galley which is located next to the Disneyland Opera House in Town Square right as you enter through the right side Train Station Tunnels.


Bank of America was the bank that funded all of Walt’s dreams.

Later, after Walt died, the Disney company established a relationship with Chase (who offers the Disney VISA).


If it went out in the 90’s then Walt was gone for some time, wish i could find something written about what happen in news print. Its bugging me to see artwork in that bank without knowing the whole story:mad:


I think the artwork is there since they turned the Gallery into the apartment Walt initially wanted above Pirates of the Caribbean… It was weird walking into what was a bank for so many years and seeing Disney artists’ work…