Bank of Main Street moving


For those of you who do not yet know, the Bank of Main Street will be moving from its current location this upcoming fall season.

The current Bank of Main Street Location will become the new “Disney Gallery” location and the current un-used Plaza Pavilion Building near the entrance to Adventureland will become the new Bank of Main Street.

For those who do not know:
The Disney Gallery used to be in the location where the current Disneyland Dream Suite is above Pirates of the Caribbean Attraction in New Orleans Square and has been carefully chosen to be replaced back into the park at a high guest demand in a more permanent location into the Main Street U.S.A section of Disneyland Park, the current mobile Disney Gallery sits at the exit of The Main Street Opera House.


I never knew it was there. thanks for the info


Is it still a bank?

I thought they just used it for Annual Passes now…


I wondered if they were ever going to do anything semi-permanent with that Plaza Pavilion building!



I thought they just used it for Annual Passes now…[/QUOTE]

It is used just for that, but its known as the Bank of Main Street to keep with the overall theme of banking, etc :smile:


You and me both! I was very happy to hear they were finally going to do something with that building after all of the various rumors that had goen around, and Im very happy the gallery is coming back! :happy:


Me too! :happy: I was so sad when they took it away.