Barber Shop at MK


Do you need an appointment to get hair paint and pixie dust put in your hair at the Barber Shop? In lieu of BBB I thought I’d take DD6 and get this done. I understand it costs between $7-$10?


They don’t take appointments, it’s first come first serve. I’ve heard there can be long waits but we’ve always gotten lucky and haven’t had more than 2-3 people in front of us.


My little guy’s first haircut was at the MK Barber Shop (by the famous Michel!) Get there early! Bring cash, because the last time I was there, they weren’t taking room charges.


Does anyone have pics of the pixie dusting or hair paint? This might be what my DD16 treats her cousin (12) to next year.


DS got a haircut with a two person wait. We didn’t experience any singing, but he did get a lot of compliments from park visitors.


Can girls get thier first haircut there too? What do they do to make it special for her? My 3 year old has never had a haircut and I think it would be great to have her first one there.


First haircuts are great for boys or girls. I wish I knew how to post pictures because I have great pics of my 3 girls from our last trip. 2 of them had their hair put in a bun with colored gel and pixie dust and the older one got gel and pixie dust in her ponytail. It only cost $7.50 each and I thought it looked even better than BBB. They got so many complements! If anyone can tell me how to add a photo I’d love to show them.


Adults and Kids can get haircuts there!! That is usually the first place we hit when we get to MK. My husband always waits to get his haorcut there instead of just doing it before we leave for Disney.

For the kids first haircut they:

*Save the hair for you
*Give you a certificate
*Give the kid Mickey Ears that say First Haircut on the back

It is so cute and only costs $14.00, plus tip!!


Don’t expect any styling there. It’s a basic cut only. I went to look but didn’t want my kid’s hair cut that way. I am pretty fussy about it. Also, there seemed to be no rhyme or reason to the order they took clients. No written list to put your name and take a walk.

However, the entertainment while we were waiting was top notch! If you’re lucky enough to catch the Barbershop Quartet, it is totally worth the wait! :heart: