Base Park Tix Question


We have always gotten the Park Hoppers and we LOVE the Park Hopping option. My question is, does the Base Tix allow you to leave the park and come back. Could we go to MK in the morning and leave around 2, go to a resort to eat supper and come back to MK for the night.


Yes you can. You can leave and return to the same park as many times as you’d like in the same day. Also if you chose the WP&M instead of hoppers, you could leave a main park, do a Water park then go back to that main park to shut it down.


this is also our plan for our next trip. We bought the hoppers and never used them, so base tix for us too. I love that we can come and go all day if need be, also fyi all theme parks such as six flags, sea world, universal and bgardens all hav the same policy to re-enter.


I feel too confined to not be able to hop. I can’t think of too many times that I’ve ever done only one park in a day. But as you all know, this also has a lot to do with my need to watch as many fireworks shows in a night as I can as well as dining in one park but spending the rest of the day in another.
Regardless of the type of ticket you have, you can enter your park of the day as many times and leave as many times as you wish.


Gotta hop, gotta hop, gotta hop, gotta hop…

No saving in my future.