Based upon your advice


. . . here’s what I’m planning for ADRs, hopefully in the next couple of hours.

I’m making ADRs for Boma and Crystal Palace for breakfast, Akershus and Tusker House for a lunch, and Sci-Fi Theater (DS’s request) and Hoop Dee Doo for a dinner . The rest will likely be counter service places we want to try this time that we haven’t done (Like Yak and Yeti and/or Flame Tree Barbecue, and Pinocchio Village Haus for a table overlooking IASW). The rest we’ll just wing it, which is what we’re best at!:huh: :laugh: :blush:

Thanks for all of your input!! You guys are awesome. :wub: :happy:


smee, I wanna go to Boma with you!!! Swipe a vat of the vanilla sauce for me!


Your plans look good!


yum! sounds delish!!


We went to Boma on 12/24. It was very good. Our waitress was a hoot. We had a great time there, everything was relaxed and delicious. Enjoy.


Sounds yummy to me except Boma… We didnt care for it last time…


BOMA!!! Eat a zebra dome for me…yummy…I want some now!!


Boma is awesome, especially on Rib night (usually Wednesday & Saturday nights)


I’m in process of selecting ADRs (for the 1st time-yikes!). I’m wondering about ease of getting to restaurants on time when crowds are large. I guess a person just plans the commute into their schedule?


Yeah, that’s pretty much what you have to do. Are you using Disney transportation or will you have a car? Our breakfasts will be the only ones we’ll have to plan the commute time and we’ll use WDW transportation. The other ones we’ll already be hanging around at the respective parks.


You’ve picked some great places ~ I always forget about Boma until all my ADRs are set, lol.


Smee, your adrs look great!! :slight_smile: