Basic DP or Deluxe DP? Help!


We are trying to decide between the Basic or the Deluxe Dining Plans. If it was just DH and I going, Deluxe all the way. We love to eat in WDW and look forward to it all year long, However my parents are going with us this year and they are sort of frugal when it comes to dining out and since the dining plan has to be the same for everyone in the room, we need to decide. Besides, my parents are also going on vacation to Mexico 2 weeks after we get back from WDW so money is an issue.
What do you all suggest?

Is the Deluxe worth the money??? That’s a lot of meals.


Since money is an issue for your parents, I would just go with the basic.


Thanks Disney. Glad to see I am not the only one up on the computer at this hour. Misery loves company you know.


I think the basic plan is too much food sometimes.


I agree. I have never had the dining plan because it seems like too much food.


I would think the basic would be fine…we usually have snacks left over at the end, anyway. Also, on another thread it lists the snacks that are available on the Dining Plan and if you were wanting breakfast, you will find that alot of the snacks allowed are breakfast foods. Also, you can have your CS for breakfast, have a snack at lunch and an early TS for dinner…there is lots of flexibility and Plenty of food on the basic, IMHO.


I think the basic plan is plenty of food…I know I could never eat 3 TS meals in one day, much less for an entire trip! (Plus snacks?!) :blow: Especially having to walk around in the Florida heat after all that eating!

I think that if you are touring with family, the basic plan is enough. It will give you a chance to tour a little more freely than you would be able to if you had to sit down for every meal, and it will help your parents save a little more money for Mexico. :happy:


I have friend who hasn’t been to WDW in about 10 years, and I’m helping her plan her trip. She has been debating the same thing–basic or deluxe DP?? We think the basic is plenty of food, but her husband looks like Mr. Incredible and he’s afraid that the basic won’t be enough food. I think they are going with the deluxe!:laugh: I think they need to go with the deluxe.:laugh:


I really think the basic plan is enough food. The deluxe plan just seems like SO much…if your parents are trying to be cost-concious, then just do the basic plan.


I think the basic is enough as well . . . if you are hungry you pay outta pocket for a few things … . won’t cost as much as the Deluxe!

Plus with 3 TS you’ll have no time in the park . . . you’ll feel like you are just eating all day! :blow:


We always do the basic plan, and have always had enough food. If you are hungry in the morning, go get a bowl of fruit from your resort, or some other breakfast item and share it. We sometimes do a character breakfast @ the latest seating to combine two meals.


Thanks everyone. We are actually going with the Basic. If it was just my husband and me we would have preferred the Deluxe because we love eating at the signature resorts and have a sit down breakfast. That’s where we would use the 3 TS. For just us on a trip alone, the basic probably would not work. We are not big CS people but for this trip it makes sense.


I think a case can be made for either dining plan, or no plan at all. You have to sit down and look at the menus on All Ears and do your math. You also have to think about how much and where you’re going to want to eat. If you’re like me, you’ll want to sit down for breakfast and dinner. An advantage to the deluxe plan is the ability to eat at a character buffet for breakfast every morning and a signature restaurant for dinner every night if you so desire. You can also play around a little and sit down for breakfast and dinner and do a CS for lunch one day and bank up your snacks and take home whatever you’ve got left (cash them in for water and Mickey Bars).
For most people, especially as the appetizer isn’t included with the sit down meal, the basic dining plan is the right amount of food. Unless of course they wake up hungry for more than a Mickey Bar or box of cereal.


Save some money. Basic is more than enough food.


I thought the appetizer is included with a sit down meal. I thought it was just the gratuity that is no longer included.


We are doing the basic plan. I figured FL+July=HOT, so I am thinking the one sit down meal in the evening will be great for us. Don’t want a lot of heavy food on our stomachs…


I prefer the basic. We enjoy a sit down everyday to re-coop, not to avoid, meaning, why spend that much time in a restaurant, when you can be in the parks?