Basic Question - ADR's - how far out?


When can I make ADR’s for my trip at Christmas?


ADRs can be made 90 days out. if you are staying on site you can book up to 10 days from the day you check in. You will need your resort reservation number to book the added 10 days.

What’s your check in date?


I believe this is the correct information:
If you are looking to book the big places (LeCellier, etc.) you need to be on the phone the morning of the 90th day. Have a plan for the entire vacation ready, because if you are staying on property, you can book everything at once for the whole trip (up to ten days’ worth of ressies). Don’t forget you can also book online now. It is a great service.

Also, there are several special meals places where I believe you can book right now for Christmas, including CRT, HDD. Can someone tell me if I am way off on that?


Here is a handy-dandy calculator that tells you the exact day you can call Disney Dining:

PS Calculator 10.0


what is CRT and HDD? Just curious.


Cinderella’s Royal Table and Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue. Both are very popular meals.


The ladies above are right. Christmas can be busy so it’s good to map out where you want to eat ahead of time and call right at your 90 day mark.


Don’t forget, you can also make adrs online now. :slight_smile:


Cinerella’s Royal Table and Hoopdy Do Review:mickey:


There sure are a lot of TLA’s on MouseBuzz - reminds me of work! (TLA=Three Letter Acronym)