Bath and body works


I had to buy a candle yesterday… I smelled the “holiday wreath” candle, and stood there with my daughter for a minute before we realized what it smelled like. We kept sniffing, and saying," What at Disney does this smell like?" It totally smelled like Mickey’s Philharmagic-when they flash the pie in your face… TOTALLY. Go smell it if you get a chance. YUMMMMMM!!!


Maybe I will to tide me over between trips lol


My kids would love that! Everytime we see Philharmagic, when the Be Our Guest part starts all of my kids will lean over to me and say, “Oh, I love this part! It smells so good!”:laugh:We have some last minute things to do today, so we might swing by our Bath and Body Works so they can get a little whiff of Disney World.:laugh: