Batteries for Digital Cameras


Has anyone used the Lithium AA batteries they advertize last 7 x more that standard alkaline batteries? My Fiji takes 2 AA’s and I always seem to change batteries once or twice a day. My other Olympus used the rechargable lithium ion especially for Olympus, so I always start the day with 2 fully charged batteries. It it work it to spend $10 on 4 Lithium AA’s?


Im not too sure about the batteries but what we found best was buying a battery charger. It chared about 8 batteries at a time which lasted a while in the camera and could simple be recharged over night, or we had 2 sets of 8 we could charge/use alternatly. It could be something worth looking into.


I use digital camera for work and I won’t buy any camera that doesn’t have lithium.

Digital cameras are battery killers between flash, monitor, etc. I used to spend a fortune in AAs then got the rechargables but they are really limited in life cycle too.

I take hundreds of pictures a month and lithium serves me very well. Can you get AA lithium rechargeables? That would be the way to go.


with my digital camera conveniently at the computer as we speak, i can look at what batteries i use and can highly recommend them: the energizer e2 lithium batteries. sure, they’re a little pricey, but they last for quite some time. i have a canon powershot A40 and go through batteries twice a year!! if these are the batteries you are talking about, you should definitely get them.


I purchased the same batteries and they last a very long time. I purchaed the rechargeable ones and they work great!


I have the Kodak rechargables, and they last forever! Even with tons of flash pictures.


We got them at WDW when our batteries died right before a parade. I love them!


We use the rechargeables too. We recharge 4 at a time and always keep an extra 2 batteries in the camera bag. I’ve found the rechargeables work best when they’re new. They tend to fade quicker when they get older.


my camera can’t use rechargable batteries. i don’t know why. i would have to check with the manual. but the lithium batteries are wonderful. if your camera doesn’t take rechargeables, go for the lithiums.


I just bought a 4-pk of the Energizer Lithium AA’s for my older Fuji digital. Anxious to see how long they’ll last. I’m bringing some standard AA’s, too, just in case. Thanks for the input.


Have to agree! My last Digital camera seemed to eat the batteries so I decided to buy the charger! Best thing I did. This is good if you are bringing it to WDW, come back at night and recharge those batteries and you will be good to go the next day!



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Rechargeables are the only way to go for digital cameras.

Having said that, battery life is much more a function of how much you run the LCD display than the type of battery you use.