Bay Lake Tower Member Event "Review"


In our room at the Villas at Wilderness Lodge, we had a card inviting us to an event at the Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

The card listed:

  • Enjoy a reception at the spellbinding Top of the World Lounge.

  • Discover the latest news and benefits of the Disney Vacation Club.

  • Tour a Two-Bedroom Vacation Home and the Bay Cove Pool area.

  • Plus, there’ll be special event giveways.

My wife RSVP 'd for our off day and was told that it would take about 1 hour. We were only really interested in seeing the resort, the rooms, and the pool.

So, in 2001, we did a DVC tour with Carol Ann DeAngelo at the Boardwalk Villas. It was so laid back with zero pressure. We also sat through a couple high pressured non-DVC timeshare pitches over the years. This event fell somewhere between the 2 extremes. The two sales reps [B]seemed[/B] okay, but the support folks were annoying and even a bit creepy.

It took 2 full hours… and we even skipped out before we were supposed to.

The giveways, which we didn’t even care about, were honestly cheap DVC promotional items (key chains and such) except for a $100 gift card. It was done in the form of a trivia contest and took forever.

The tour of the 2-br home and the pool - which we did care about - was mass chaos and took about 10 minutes total.

At the end, they wanted us to sit down with a sales rep, and dangled instant fast passes in front of us. Hrm. I clearly told the rep that I had no interest in adding points, but he said to go in and talk and get the fast passes. It will take 2 minutes. :huh: I have to admit, at this point, I wanted the passes. Right then, though, one of the reps made a mistake and started to hand out the instant fast passes to those of us waiting… When we got ours, we said “See ya” and the guy actually said to us “Oh, you changed your mind?” :huh: Let me say, we weren’t the only ones to leave.

We each got an Instant Fast Pass card that was good for 3 instant fast passes each. Of course, we used 2 of them on Space Mountain and the ride went down when we were in the queue and it ended up taking about 80 minutes to ride. :pinch:

So the whole thing was a big lure to get you to talk to a Sales Rep. :blow: What a difference from 2001…

Now, I will say that I enjoyed seeing the Top of the World lounge. They had a spread of finger sandwiches and such which was nice, and I thought the rooms were spiffy.

They said they were offerering deals not available to folks outside the room; I’m not sure how true that was, but if you wanted to add or buy points this “event” might be worthwhile. If you aren’t looking to buy, I’d avoid this.



It sounds like the resort itself didn’t leave a big impression on you, is that the case? We stayed there in December & absolutely loved the rooms, pool area, other recreational spots, & especially the rooftop lounge.

We’ve been to a few DVC events also but two were purely to give members a fun time; the Summer Block Party & the Merry Member Mixer. I did go to one of those promotional events like you described but we knew what to expect. We were in a big ballroom with a DJ, characters, food, took a tour of BLT, then if you chose to talk to a rep they were set up in a different area. They actually gave us the FPs just for taking the BLT tour, we never even went near the area where the guides were set up. I think this was back in June '09.


Why was it “chaos” visiting the suite and pool? Was it that there were too many people? I’m just interested. Usually Disney manages their events quite efficiently. We visited a display suite in January and didn’t have any hard sell at all. I thought the suites were absolutely gorgeous, but alas, we aren’t in the position to buy any more points right now.


Ah, thanks Wish. I completely neglected to say that I really liked what I saw of the resort. The rooms looked really nice, and I think they may have learned some lessons from previous resorts.

The pool area is really great, and I like that it’s exclusive to Bay Lake Guests.

The lounge itself was great! I assume it’s a bar at night?

Great resort… bad event. It sounds much more, erm, focused than the one you attended; everything was designed to funnel you to a sales rep.



Ah exactly. This was extremely poorly organized for Disney.

We were supposed to be in 4 groups based on our stickers which had certain characters on them. The first group left, and for some reason that was about half of the attendees. The rest of us were standing around - no one was communicating - and after several minutes someone called out one of the characters and 2 people came forward… so the guide just took the rest of us.

We caught up to the first group at the tour of the rooms, so it was literally wall to wall people in there (maybe 50 people trying to look at a 2 BR?). We tried to hold back so we could look at our leisure but then they started trying to force the sales rep visit on us.

No surprise, I’ll never do this again… but I would call and say that I just wanted to see the darn models. That’s all that we really wanted.



DH and I are very interested in DVC but would absolutely hate to be pressurised in any way. I have expressed an interest recently and have been called several times (from the USA) by DVC representatives and inundated with some really beautiful literature in an attempt to get us to proceed further.
I appreciate Disney is keen to recruit more DVC members, however, I prefer to peruse the info in my own time and will ask for further help if needed. I hope they dont go down the high pressure sales route now to try and address these difficult economic circumstances.