Bay Lake Tower Preview Video (6/29)


Take a look at [B]this video[/B]taken during the preview of BLT on 6/29.


The only thing that i’m trying to figure out is how do you get to go to the top of the world lounge. Do you have to be a DVC member? Do you have to pay for a different membership? Or just stay at the resort?


Very impressive!


I believe you have to be a DVC member staying at BLT!

Awesome video! I spoke to Wishy after she took the tour, she was super excited! She said it was BEAUTIFUL!! :wub:


What a place. looks great


SWEET!!! I can’t wait. Have to go find us in the fountain.

No Boss, not us really, just our name. Don’t go getting any ideas - security already has your picture up. They don’t want a repeat of that EPCOT fountain incident. :laugh:


Makes me wish I was going sooner. thanks for the link!


The more pictures I see the more I get interested in staying there. I can’t wait to see it in person.


That was an excellent video.


Me too!

Just 43 days and a few hours away…


Now if I can just convince the DW that we HAVE to make a BD trip I can beat Mike by a week. Not sure that she’ll buy it as we well be at WDW for 3 days in Sept, 2 in Oct (pre/post cruise) then 4 in Dec.

I am SO ready.


The BLT looks unbelieveable! I really have to stay there one day.
Thanks for the site.


Can’t wait, can’t wait!


After touring the building in person I have to say that even though the MK view is absolutely AMAZING we will totally be booking “Lake View” just as much! I love seeing the Disney boats & everything going on down by the pool, etc. In my opinion that Lake View is just as cool.