Bay Lake Tower, who's planning their first stay?


Well, DVC members have exactly a month now until we can start making reservations at the new Bay Lake Tower. I believe the date that “home members” can start calling is March 1st, 2009 & then all other DVC members a couple weeks later.

So, is anyone planning their first stay there yet?

I plan on calling as soon as Member Services opens on March 1st. I have some dates that I would LOVE in December '09 but I do have two backup set of dates, just in case.

I’m excited! Have we heard of a definate opening day yet?


Have fun when you go, and take lots of pictures… so you can share with those of us who are dreaming of planning a trip there someday…


I’m planning on booking 7-8 nights in Dec 2009.


I am hoping for December 16th-20th in a Magic Kingdom view studio. Daniel’s birthday is December 18th so it would be his Birthday celebration.


Be sure and take lots of pics of that view! Can’t wait to see it!


I am not staying this year (:crying:), but I am booking December to rent. :happy: I’ll be with you on the phone lines at 9am on March 1st!:blink:


When I first read that, I thought it said Daniel’s 18th birthday… :eek::laugh:


Being on the school schedule, I’ll be booking for December as well! I hope I don’t have a problem booking that week.


Looking at the points charts already.

Anybody want to buy some SSR points so that I can buy more BLT?


I wish! Your so lucky to be able to go!! The closest Ill get right now, and for a long while will be the pictures so take TONS and try and make a few videos too lol! I wonder if you could see the fireworks from the rooms, tha would be amazing!


Haha. Close enough… :tongue: He’s 28 now, not too far off. :laugh:


For some reason I have a weird feeling that member services isn’t going to be 100% ready for us on march 1st. They aren’t exactly known for their flawless readiness. I hope there aren’t any problems though. I’ll guess we’ll find out soon enough.


Oh the first time we stay there I’ll take like 5 million photos & some video. I think one of the big perks as far as the fireworks go is that you have the audio playing on speakers on your room’s balcony.


We are thinking about changing our plans for Nov. and going in Sept.


What’s the opening date suppose to be in sept?


I wish I was!! Well, actually I wish I could call and plan a trip to ANYWHERE. I’d stay at POP if it meant I could go back. :laugh:


I am trying to find that out also.

#18 is saying 9/1.


we’re hoping to get in dec 5 to the 11th 2009…i am not particular to what type of view, as long as i get in…


I am going to try to book for one night on Oct 2nd, the night before our cruise.