Bay Lake Tower


I know they aren’t open yet, but does anyone know if there will be studios facing the Magic Kingdom or will those rooms all be one and two bedrooms or grand villas?


They must exist because MK view is an option in the DVC book for a studio.


I have a MK Studio booked for Christmas week.


We are booked in a MK view studio villa in December :smile:


Thanks everyone… I just looked up the points charts and wow mk view villas are expensive in the points department!


yes, but the view cannot be beaten- at all… What a great view.


In my 30 years in real estate, the ONLY thing that hasn’t changed…

“The 3 most important factors in real estate are: location, location, location.”

That THE location. :laugh:


Yeah, they are points expensive, to be honest I could totally see my husband & I booking ‘Lake View’ in the future. Peaceful, beautiful, gotta love Bay Lake.


Agreed. That view is spectacular, day or night! I think MK Views will be best at night, IMHO.


When does it open???


August 4th, 2009