Bay Lake Tower...laundry


Just one quick seemingly trivial question…Staying in a 2 bdrm suite at BLT…will there be laundry detergent provided?


You will get one box of Tide for a singe load.

We’ve started packing Purex all in one sheets when we travel, they don’t take up and space and we don’t have to worry about it spilling or leaking.


All the stores with good selections of trial sizes lately have had liquid Tide packets in a pack of three for $1.49. Each packet does one load. But you have to pack them in checked bags.


You’ll get the one small box of Tide powder, like the boxes that dispense out of the machines in the public laundry rooms. I do the same thing as Disneyteacher, I bring those All-In-One sheets & they are great. Look out in your Sunday flyers, they are always on sale somewhere.