BBB Boutique Question


When you make a reservation for the BBB Boutique and the Pirates League, do they need a credit card #. If so, do they put a hold on the card and of how much?


Ill tell you how mine went BUT I think the CM taking my call was a total dummy but here is what happened…I called made the ressie. He needed a card BUT said its not charged. I NEVER ever give my real CC number I always use a pre paid for things like this because I had someone write down my number and use it once (not disney) anywho…he said it won’t be charged…well…he put me on hold and came back and said it was declined. No kidding…its a pre paid BUT I advised him he said it wouldn’t be charged. He didn’t know why it came up declined if it wasn’t charged but he got him manager and gave mea cfm number without using a cc


We were there just last week. When I made the ressie they took a credit card number just to hold it. Nothing was charged for the hold. If you miss your appointment or cancel within 24 hours I believe there is a $10-20 fee, so that would be charged to the card. Have fun, I know my little girl did!!!


That is an awesome idea, never thought about that. I’ll have to get one for that reason since i’m always worried about peeps asking for my cc #.


Thats what I always do. I once gave a company my info to pay my bills and later on in the month I seen a purchase to some company for UGGS. I was so upset knowing that I didnt purchase them so after we lokoed into it and traced it down it came back to the woman who took my cc number for the bill I paid:glare:


They won’t let me make reservations for BBB anymore. I don’t get it. Large men in tutus need a tweak, too.