BBBoutique Question


Does anyone know if they have Tiana’s dress at the BB Boutique in MK? Thanks!


I don’t know for sure, but I am 100% willing to bet they do.


I don’t know but I will offer this tip, after doing the BBB 3 times with my 2 girls- I saved the most money by buying the dress, shoes & accessories at a Disney Store outlet near our home & taking it with us. It was simple enough to stuff into a backpack & they let the girls change before starting the makeovers- saved at least $200!!


They sure do!


That’s what were doing too. We go in June and are purchasing the dress and accessories beforehand. It saves so much money!


All the Disney stores in our area have closed down so won’t have any luck there. I will check on-line though and see what they have. Rowdy, thanks for the info!