BC to MK


After reading Wish’s TR it got me thinking. Since the bus situation seems to have its problems from the Boarwalk, the Beach Club must experience much of the same. Is it smarter then if you’re going to the MK, to just walk through Epcot and go via monorail. I’ve never stayed at an Epcot resort so I was wondering - is that alot of walking or is it managable?


I think it will take you about the same time walking to Epcto’s monorail as it would to commute on the bus. You have to remember that you will need to walk all through the world showcase, through future world and then to the monorail station. I think taking the bus will be about the same.


i agree. That is a longer walk than it seems, esp. if you have kids or strollers!


I actually did both. If I had to do it again I would take the bus. I never waited too long for a bus. And don’t forget, you have to take 2 monorails to the MK.


My DH and I stayed at the Boardwalk for our honeymoon and tried both ways to see which was the quickest. Both were the same in time, but what the bus gave in direct access, the Epcot route gave scenery and atomsphere.