BCV Magical Family Time


Trip Report time!
The trip started with dismissing the kids early for a “dentist” appointment. My husband went into the school to get the kids while I was waiting in the car with the luggage, my camera, and a sign that said We are going to Disney World right now. They knew we were going to Disney but they thought it was in November bust we tricked them and left Oct 16 till Oct 26. 10 nights and the Beach club Villas for the first time.

Me, DH, DD 12 and DS 9

With magic bands ready we flew out around 4pm had one stop and after waiting forever for the magical express we didn’t settle into bed till after midnight. Very long first day.


YAY!! Trip report!


I will be reading along!!


Can’t wait to


YAY! Trip report time! I will be hanging on every word. It will help the 6 days I have left go by faster.


Yay! I can’t wait to read more.


Yes! Can’t wait for more TR!


Our first 2 days we have extra family. My cousin, his wife, their DS10, their DD7, my sister and her boyfriend. So that is 10 people working their way through the parks. We decided to spend our two days at Epcot and Magic Kingdom.

We always have groceries delivered so we started day 1 early with breakfast in the room. Our walk to Epcot we got to see the BCV in the daylight we were instantly in love. The lobby and beach are just beautiful. It felt like a dream come true staying at a such an amazing resort. Our room was near the canal and every day started with a visit to the water were there were a couple dozen turtles who would greet us. It became a special memory when we describe our Disney 2013 mornings.

My favorite part about this trip is walking in the international gateway to Epcot. I felt so special coming in the back door to Epcot. Never had to wait and it gave us so much more time in the parks just being able to walk ride in and avoid transportation. :mickey:

Since travel day was so long and late we hoped to take Disney day 1 a little slow but it was day ONE! 9am to 9pm in Epcot.


I’m editing all my video so I my trip report is moving slow. I will try to post as much as I can but I really want to finish my video too.


Looking forward to the rest of the TR and your videos too Tink :slight_smile:


9-9 at Epcot makes for a very long day. Fun day but long. We met up with our 6 other family members at Soarin at 9am. We got fastpasses then headed over to Nemo. Then we went to buy Tables in Wonderland. I was trying to decide if we should get the TIW because it costs $100. After the whole 10 days we saved over $50 after the original cost 20% off your meal including alcohol Worth it for us. I wish we could have purchased it at our resort as the line was very long (about 30 minutes) One cool moment, the man who helped us was from my husbands hometown.

We decided to split from our group because my we had magic bands that I had fastpasses for soarin on and they didn’t have magic bands and we didn’t want to miss out on an extra chance to ride Soarin (my husbands favorite). After Soarin we had lunch at electric umbrella, my kids had a mac and cheese burger and they loved it.

One of my favorite perks is the Disney Chase card offers a special photopass meet and greet in Innovations. During our trip we visited it 3X. Every time we meet with Mickey and Goofy. Love having these private moments.


Then we rode Soarin again, visited club cool, then walked around World Showcase. We had dinner at 7pm at Teppan Edo. Unfortunaly my camera battery died so I don’t have any pics or video from Teppan Edo. Dinner was good I really miss last time when they made fried rice this time we had noodles instead. I would prefer the rice.


Great TR report and pictures, can’t wait to read more.


I wish I could find sometime to finish this TR. Holidays, birthdays, editing our video and extra work. Here is my video to tide you over.


I just finished watching your video…makes me want to plan another trip soon!!!


I know what you mean. Makes me wanna go back now too!!


How did you enjoy the pool at BC? We honeymooned there in 1994…haven’t been back. I’d love to take the kids there sometime, but we’re not DVC members so I’m not sure if we could swing it.


I love your videos! So cute!


The kids loved the pool!! I only have one request I wish the pools were all connected, would have loved to stay in my tube and float from pool to pool. I went in around the lazy river for about an hour while the kids went on the slide over and over. You should rent DVC points.


Day 2 in the parks with all ten of us

Day one was so crazy being pulled in many directions we all agreed to meet at noon time and not opening the park together.

My family decided to start the morning at the pool and relax a little before our long day.
Then we went to the magic kingdom at 11 am just before we would meet up with the others. We had a fastpass for big thunder and we squeezed in a quick ride on Haunted Mansion before meeting the others for lunch at the Columbia Harbor house. We had a good lunch and then after many bathroom breaks, gift shops visits and lots of misc stops we managed to ride HM, tea cups and Philharmagic.

It was getting very difficult for me to keep everyone happy. My kids were fighting, my husband was getting annoyed at my sister and then there was all the stopping. We were not making good use of our time and to top it all off my sister said something that really upset me and I finally snapped. I packed up my family and headed back to the resort. I knew it would be best for my family if we did somethings on our own.

The kids stopped fighting and had a blast in the pool. I had a yummy drink and was content in the sun. I had expectations of it being so easy and wonderful with all 10 of us together but reality is it wasn’t as easy as I had imagined. Good thing it was only for 2 days.